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  1. To me, tester should keep things between the car modder and themselves. What a moron thinking themselves as jeremy clarkson or some autocar lalalala reviewer. I'm just saying, work with the modder, not work against them.
  2. Then I can race a r34 with supra haha, must be epic
  3. speculate it would be out end of February or early of march :hiya:
  4. So, all 4 wheels must spin at the same time on a rear wheel drive car? You must be joking :)
  5. If aventador is as good as the f12, I will cut my left leg and beat myself to death with it.
  6. Mine only 5 pink mustang. Its make me wanna vomit when entering my garages...
  7. Well because f12 really is better. It is better to drive, better sounding, as pretty as the 458 and faster too.
  8. La Ferrari announced late 2012 I think. No way atari would have a slot to unknown ferrari.
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