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  1. is there a good setting, that can send me anybody, I got some problems with ENBs:D
  2. Hi Guys, is there a way to get the hypermotard 1100s? I love Supermotos<3 and I am doing wheelies all time on the duc desmosidici rr, but a supermoto would be a lot better, because of the design and 2cyl sound
  3. I did install it on my tts coupe and there is no sound:(
  4. could please you reupload it?:)
  5. i tryd with "normal" version doesnt works
  6. I know this but the servers were online all the time but cant play its because modding and texmodding?
  7. ok thanks hope i can play online in next 2 weeks:/
  8. I love the car :drool2: before this we got an 2004 ford focus 1,9 or lower... next going to be an F11 530d( with m package too for my mom it a must have because of steering wheel and so on) :excited: (the car on pic is not our car but looks same (at the time winter tires with 17" rims original BMW)
  9. I am 14 so I am not allowed to drive a car in germany :D but my parents are driving a BMW 520d e61 with M-package love it[
  10. when i am in start menu it says that the servers are not avaible so i only see the background with th e 0ne-77 or the ML 63 amg... so i cant login so i have to play offline
  11. Hey guys, got a problem with tdu2 since yesterday TDU2 says that the servers are not avaible:cry: today is my last day of holidays so i wanted to play a "last" round TDU 2 but i cant play online -.- you have same problem or... i will try to play another game online....
  12. hey I want to ask did you did the s5 sound or you dont want to finish it becuause there is no s5/rs5 sound mod :(
  13. Hey im new in this forum and i want to know what mod you use for lancia so it haves the spoiler and other mods...:D
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