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  1. Now to join to the XKRS and the C63 BS we need M3 GTS e92
  2. Stargt is argue about the mod and I am here thinking about who is Habakkuk? anyway great work Minime :)
  3. I dont like racing cars in the game, but amazing work. What about one RS6 from FH3 or AM Vantage GT12?
  4. Can you add a decent youtube link please ? Or better One yt like whit the video and a download link like the other sound mods? :)
  5. The file that I download only have the exterior file
  6. Amazing!!!! I love old Mercede, you will release more cars?
  7. Cool mod mate! Now the Ferrari FF for replace the 599 GTB China edition?
  8. You already have the: Skyline R34,240SX,Diablo SV,AE86,and the KPGC10, just search :)
  9. I think the same!! XDDD But I think is becouse my game version, But you can try solve the problem, mayby you add the Carrera S to the patch TDU2 need more Porsche!
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