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  1. As much as i know, Xarlith say he's on something about that, and some minor improvement.. See the post about the unofficial patch v0.4
  2. You better should come to it with some preselected musics or give the chance to player for a fresh new sound, for commemorating the 4th year anniversary of this community or some.. before replacing it like this ! You definitely get a thing with proposing something like that, and also by added a poll for other opinion. But make a poll with choiced musics from the people that they want to listen and from some very latest hipe world music artist like : "Armin Van buuren", "Diplo", "Joachim Garraud", "Tiësto" and some other great figure from the "High Fly world" that TDU aimed before the end of the development stage. Dont ever forget that in the data of the games : jewelry, tatoos, wild clothe, Live club, "in live" DJ party at random club, where all implemented in the basic code line of this game ! So making new ride, how awesome of you that you could do that, but touching the general ambient of the game ? go ask the opinion of the rest of the actual players of this very latest TDU2 Famous game ! Make it Hype ! Make it Clubbing ! Make it move Forward to the actual game market ! Best Regard, ForAll ! EDIT : the aimed ambient music at this top moment of this year 2015 ;) https://youtu.be/dCDvcT3BmQM
  3. what is the use to post this type of thing, if you dont add the very slot for the car ? don't add specific sounds, physics, garage, vendor and label, for it to ? Don't get it at all, you make me think of some kind of a disguise's on-the-street vendor :hmmm:
  4. is it really impossible, no matter what to add slot for Laferrari and Agera (no matter which) ?
  5. it's not the time anymore to make that kind of request imho ;)
  6. Good to read this Minime, Thanks at you. I'm not talking about all the other, nice peoples or not, but me i'm so reassured ! So take care of all of you, take your time, do it well.. and we'll surely see soon what we can get from you, for us, the community ;) ! :clap: Cheers :hi:
  7. where is it explicitly write that was discontinued ?
  8. And yours so, was stupid to ! I'm worry about everything at this point, and excuse my words but being french make my understanding of all of this, in part flawed by my lack of wise, especially when it touch something that i like that much ! Is it necessary to punish me for being worry about this ?
  9. Great if minime leave this, who will know what direction this project could take ? And about xarlith is he still motivated to keep going on ? Have we any chance to see, a day, at least, an Agera R or the Laferrari, or some good idea that you can get ?
  10. come on guys you all done so much great work don't give it up, just take your time, it's normal, it's the way of free releasing, mean community releasing, stuff. And i love it i proudly love it. and that next UP could be make that game, the most advanced car game in stuff and fun ! don't give it up please ! Be sure that if i have some cash to bring in it, i'll do without doubt ! This game need your works ! all of you !
  11. not that point... it's not a fuel tank that they have to fill up :rolleyes:
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