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  1. i Wont rename anything ... its a soundmod for the r34 and now be quiet
  2. Like i said i dont care i think this sound is better than the Original one ... if you dont Like it just dont use it ... because guys like you keep complaining about things other modders will stop working because they are fed up with comments like yours
  3. i had the files laying around from a previous project but youre right theyre not mine ... i didnt claimed the Credits for it ... i will try to contact the Original poster if i can find him Edit: i signed up in the Forum to contact the "owner" of the files but on his Profile it says this : Last Activity: 20th June 2009 16:22 so i think i cant Contact him i downloaded the sounds from the forum to read the README he didnt claim anything about it like i did even he says its from a Friend ... it should be ok then :) If not and The Owner sees this Thread pls Contact me here i will Remove this asap -Hatrax
  4. Here are some BOV sounds you can replace with the stock BOV in the TDU Engine sounds For you Guys who dont know what a BOV sound is : its the whistling noise your car makes when you let of the throttle ( normaly only on turbocharged cars ) How to Replace them : !!make a Backup of everything if youre not sure what youre doing!! -Download the MiniBNKManager for TDU2 -Unpack the Soundfile of your car (Note: this works only with cars who have a BOV ingame e.g: Audi S3, WRX Sti ,VW Golf ) -Go to your work Directory ( the one that is created by the BNKmanager) -find the file of the BOV that you want to Change ( in case of the Subaru its : turbo_dump_high_3_Short.wav ) -Choose a sound from my pack -rename the Wave file EXACTLY like the Original one -Drag the Sound you want of the Soundpack in the folder where the Original File is and overwrite it ( Make a Backup of the Original ! ) - Repack the Bnk file with the MiniBNKmanager -Put the new BNK file in the TDU folder and replace it with the old one -Done Download: BOV Sounds.rar (571,27 KB) - uploaded.net feel free to post the pack on other sites but please keep the Download link ! -Hatrax
  5. OMG i dont care i swapped the BOV sound und turned the volume up a bit ... there people who cant do that so they can use this ... if you dont like it dont use it
  6. As soon as i find a better turbo sound i change it ^^
  7. After Watching the Tutorial on how to Edit Sounds in Tdu i started Experimenting a bit and this is my result : Video: Download : skyline_high.rar (2,63 MB) - uploaded.net Credits : Atari I Hope you like it :) You can post the soundmod on other sites but Please keep the Downloadlink -Hatrax
  8. one of my favorite mods for tdu
  9. Correct me if im Wrong but i thought the Skyline is a Sportscar so there should be more Oversteering (not Possible with this car in Tdu2 ) than understeering :)
  10. i Would like to have big rims like that on some Other cars but when i swap the Bnk Files the rims are to small -.-
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