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  1. This sounds incredibly good. the only issue is that there's a glitching gap in the sound. it sounds like a pop. It'd be amazing if you can fix that and make it streamlined and a smooth loop. --- Post Updated --- I'm hoping to see if you can do other forza sounds as well. that's be awesome! :)
  2. The LP570-4/LP700-4 lambos, The Agera R and 911 GT3, Vanquish by Star and the Holy Trinity of Hypercars are by far the best additions ever. The models are just perfect. They beat all the in-game models' details.
  3. Thank you F12! :D Much appreciated. :D
  4. working links?
  5. Yes. Possibly. So like Audi/BMW/Maserati? Well, as far as I can see from Star's mods, There are solid contenders for the Q7 in the BMW/Mecredes AMG category. But, I suppose it depends ultimately on what the developers have in mind. Just saying, this would be much logical.
  6. Good Idea, Michael. But, I'd rather say, replace the Q7 inuit with a BMW X6 or some other BMW suv, rather than the italian one. As then, the BMWs and Audis will stay in one showroom. If you add a Maserati Brand there, it'll become an odd Italian. Don't you think?
  7. So now, all we need is a good sound modder. Any news about Jorge? Is he even active these days?
  8. Michael, he sure can. I too agree that we need a few porsches. That is, as long as he doesn't ask us to pay for them.
  9. This Car please. the 2014 R8 V10 Plus. On a personal note, I think it looks way better than the 2016/17 model. It looks like Iron Man's face plate personified. :) 2) A 1986 Porsche 959. One of the better looking Porsches. 3) Ferrari 365 gtb/4 daytona for Obvious reasons. :P 4) Mercedes Benz CLK -GTR for it's Madness. :D 5) A Dodge Challenger Hellcat. I think this one deserves to be in the game. Long due left out. 6) The Noble M600 to compete with the Mclarens 7) Personal Preference : The 911 Turbo Cabriolet. I mean, just look at how elegant it looks!
  10. Bug Report : The roof of the BMW M4 has a fault with the sticker mapping. There is a gap in the mapping above the windshield, which when I tried wrapping in Black, the area remained unaffected. Take a look at this image to know what I'm talking about. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3auaExPrze6Znh2SEZFSzJSZ2c
  11. Hey Michael, I tried replacing it with the Rk spyder. Tell me though, since the car is not meant to replace the spyder, I tried fiddling around with it's values in the VPE. Would that be a cause to make it get stuck in the road, or could it be the fault in the model itself?
  12. I second TheLegionary. It gets stuck on the road. jumps when it's stationary on the Tarmac.
  13. I haven't been able to understand what was the point of the 599 China edition or even the Sessanta. They are like DLC cars, yet they were in the Stock Game. And quite useless in front of their regular counterparts too. :shrug::think: All the more, it is good that they'll be replaced now. Power to you, Star. :)
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