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  1. Cool Mod. But, how can you adjust the rim and tire size ?
  2. Hi, I Also editing in the physics.cpr file... There are some nice things to edit, i mean it is more than only edit the brake pressure for a realistic brake. I rewrote the complete cpr file but only the car physics not the bike phy... I will made some test in the future to show you what can be done by editing the Physics.cpr file Drifting is now possible with every car.. the brake are now edited with every handling mode... not only in hypersport! i also added more steering angle... etc Greetz Sly
  3. Hi, Iam New Here. First sorry for my english i come from germany. So my question is. Is it possible to set a car lower ? I see many mods with aftermarket rims and the cars sits realy low but how can i adjust them ? I know about modding some physics and i work on a physics.cpr mod but were i find the complete physics from each car. Greetz Flo
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