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  1. HussainQ add skype: edgaresteves.yund --- Post Updated --- StartGT can you send me a pm i need to talk to you about a problem in UP . Thanks yund
  2. Startgt i need your help!!
  3. bump anyone can help add me skype: edgaresteves.yund
  4. Well the problem is that (: 1º Now i cant buy dlc cars only whet atari coins 2º I have steam version i use universal launcher --- Post Updated --- Some help please do i need to create another account or someting? because i have dlc cars saying dowload content and have to pay atari coins :| - i got unofficial patch [ Retail Version] -Universal Launcher Only that .
  5. Hey Guys Well today i was goin to play Tdu 2 whet the unofficial patch and when i enter it sayes Dlc hack detected and i goted like 20 Pink Gay mustangs so anybody know what's happening? Maybe a bug or some rong whet the patch i spend like 1 hour looking for the problem cant see it :( Waiting for your guys help :D big fan of bikes in tdu2 :| Sorry for my english guys. yuNd :hiya:
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