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  1. Oh I see. That's a bummer. Well, thanks for the info!
  2. Hi. I just picked up the game again and I wanted to know if it is possible, and if so how, to change the sound used for external camera. I like to play viewing the car, far chase camera, but the sound is very different from the sound used in the hood view. Is there a way to edit something so the external view use the sound from the hood view? Thanks!
  3. -read lower posts as to how to get rid of the virus on your system-
  4. Just a warning, I know this is an old thread but in case that someone, like me, came looking for mods, the link on top in the thanks (all rights belongs to a site sitedotcomdotua) contains a browser hijacker, I've tested on 3 different computers and I get the same result just by entering that site.
  5. OK so I have to ask for help here regardless of what's about? I want to make some sounds louder, like the turbo on Subaru. I've tried editing the wav files but the closest format I can save is 16 bit while the original is 4 bit, I tried anyway but the game got jerky, micro stops, and sometimes crash to desktop. So I put the original file back and all went normal. So I went to try to edit the xmb file and had to stop since I have no idea what to edit. Can you tell me what's that I have to edit in order to make a bit louder values to the wav I want? In the pic I searched for the turbo part, if I try to change any of the numbers like 75 to 90 it changes also a letter from the word turbo to the right.[ATTACH]19392[/ATTACH]
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