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  1. ENB does not work on 8.1 and to be honest upgrading to Windows 8.1 is a bad idea. There is a ton of compatibility issues with games and applications just in general. 8.1 is like Vista all over again which was a horrible OS. That's why I myself using my computer for games most of the time am still using Windows 8.
  2. As a proud owner of a 2004 Mustang Cobra I have to say my jaw dropped when I saw this, thank you so much! +Rep
  3. I started to take flying lessons when I lived in Maine at 18 years old in "Cessna Triple Niner One Seven" a Cessna 172P. I try to stay away from flying Cessna 150s, 152s because I am 6' 10" inches tall and weigh 230 pounds. I always add an extra 10 knots to takeoff speed when I do fly them because I don't want to stall it and slam back on the runway because of my weight. Also the CG is thrown way off and the plane always wants to make a turn towards the right because I sit in the right seat with all the weight. (I like sitting on the right side because it's the side I instruct from even though
  4. Yes I do have my PPL, I am also a flight instructor and I teach others for their pilots licence. Most of our planes are really old 1980's Cessna 172's. I also teach people how to fly in IFR.
  5. Yea, I know what you mean with the registration. I am a pilot in real life and just on the far left of the general aviation ramp at my airport there is a Swedish registered Piper Arrow. It's just uncommon for me to see aircraft not using an N#.
  6. Do you use VATSIM? Also, why are you flying an American registered King Air C90 in Argentina, lol? I am sure you could find a repaint that is an Argentinian registered one on the Avsim website.
  7. He is trying to imply your use of all caps. Anyway, we need to drop that whole debate because it's over. Let's just move on and leave it behind us.
  8. I would love to see one of these added.....
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