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  1. Genuinely shocked to see that this is still being worked on after all this time! haven't been on here in ages! Been playing through TDU2 again and thought I'd check on here, will have to check out what I've missed!
  2. so I recorded the review for the RX7, expect that over the next few days, SUPER HAPPY with this pack, so glad to finally have the RX7 in the game, still havnt got one irl :( Loving every addition so far!
  3. in some peoples opinions they're cool cars, I considered one before I brought my R33.... Also really looking forward to the release of this one, some nice cars on the way!
  4. so today I'm driving to work and smell burning oil, open up the bonnet of the 5 and my turbo feed pipe is spewing the stuff everywhere :( yes it's old and french but it's been reliable so far! thank god i can fix it at work
  5. so updates...over the past few days I have been borrowing a Range Rover SVR from work and oh my god is it one hell of a vehicle... after enquiring about getting one through the company I can afford it, but fuel will be hell and it is right at the top end of what I can afford monthly........
  6. I know plenty about rotary maintenance. it's just the things such as fuel and insurance that I'll struggle with, the skyline was very tight for me to run and I was hoping to cut down on costs (or my fiancee wants me to cut down on costs....) Every day that I think about it I am drawn more to the BRZ/GT86.... When I get something you guys will know trust me!
  7. Another new car update, today I viewed one of my dream cars...infact it is my dream car, (just a heads up I'm a pretty big rotary fanatic) a '93 RX7...and i can afford it....but can I afford to daily it....probably not :( the quest for a skyline replacement continues
  8. so after more thought and going to see a BRZ yesterday...they are starting to appeal to me more....the interior does have a cheap feel to it though....might annoy me a bit every day, it's way nicer than my 5...but defiantly a downgrade from the R33, but that was to be expected....I still dont know...but watch this space!
  9. I am also considering an S2000 however I fear they may not be practical enough for me. I'm a mechanic for Jaguar/Land Rover so i often find myself lugging my tools to and from work. that along with me living in the middle of nowhere and the girlfriend insisting on only going to tesco once a fortnight!!!! Other cars i am considering: MK3 Supra (love the pop ups!) another R33....I miss my old one too much! VW Golf R/ MKIV R32 with some work (the practical option) possibly....a Jag XKR because I can get one from work on a work finance deal for a year for next to nothing....but I wont be able to modify it at all which is annoying and to be honest I work on them a fair bit and they're not exactly incredible to drive and I cant see myself wanting to daily one... For those wondering what I am driving right now....my Turbo'd Renault 5 Project car...
  10. What's peoples opinions on a BRZ to replace the R33 I had....I'm missing having a fun car! my only issues are going from around 450bhp to 200 and the downsize as the Skyline was surprisingly practical as a daily!
  11. I believe the UCD just picks cars in a fairly random fashion (within certain classes and stuff) and puts them in the slots, you cant just have a car in there permanently as far as I am aware
  12. thanks for the congrats on the new job guys, I'm a (well in training) LVL 3 technician for Jaguar LandRover (Mostly LandRover at the moment) And in my opinion the cars that can go are the 2 astons and the 370 optional parts, stuff like the veyrons have unique paint and wheels that cant be replicated, the q7 has a few small details like the taillights (though that one I guess can go) the 2 ferraris have different interiors and the 612 Sessanta has a glass roof, the xkr speed and black has a small bodykit and all the rest are unique cars
  13. I have changed the signature but it doesnt seem to have updated yet, and I have a few ideas, i've been doing a lot of long distance driving and couldnt afford it anymore and dont have the space for more than 2 cars, and I cant get rid of the 5 when I have so many plans for it!!!
  14. Wow its been a long time since I looked at this....That MX5 SB....wow I guess the only real news I have is the R33 is gone :(
  15. I may be a tad biased due to having just started my job with jaguar Landrover, but the RangeRover Sport SVR is one hell of a car....just saying.....so much faster than I expected, and believe me it handles incredibly well!
  16. I'm ok with it if it is just cars like the black edition astons as you can make the standard dbs and v12 vantage identical to them so there is no need for them to exist! I like the cars that have visual differences, no matter how small, even the inuit edition q7 is cool because of the older style taillights
  17. I am OK, bruises and a few gashes up my legs, and a lot of damage to my rather expensive bike........
  18. Absolutely brilliant list for this one, can't wait to try the Miura! Sorry no quick reviews, I've not been home due to being attacked last Tuesday and feeling unsafe in my local area
  19. Hey guys, I'm around here again, whats going on with v1.6? the bmw's a seem to be coming along awesomely! can't wait for the finished product! whether its in a week or a year, as long as it is the best quality you guys can produce!
  20. OK I think my life has calmed down enough to become more active on here!! Can't wait for the next pack guys, reviews still coming out on my channel regularly!! Don't rush it, make it the best one yet! EDIT: The sound mod is great Mitko, and the model looks sweet too!
  21. Not too sure how to fix that, I have a beastly PC Intel I7 4790 GTX 970 STRIX 32gb DDR3 Ram And I still experience the jagges edges, I think it's just due to TDU2's age
  22. I believe there may be a countdown timer between free downloads....I know some file hosting sites do that, also you only need the latest version of the mod, not all of them!
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