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  1. I know a lot of people hate the ingame traffic especially when you are trying your new fancy sports' car top speed and one f*cker turns left or right and you crash into him at 300 kmh BUT I think a mod or file modification which will increase the vehicle density on streets will be awesome if you want to cruise around and feel like being in an actual city. Pardon if I request the impossible but if anyone knows how to increase/mod the vehicle density please help :)
  2. Tried it, nice, although IMO it looks better with either Vossen CVT or CV3.
  3. Tested in on the Ferarri California, works like a charm except there is a slight problem with the front wheels.
  4. Again: this is not my mod, i dont own any rights to it, i just shared it with you for no profit what so ever.
  5. Vehicle replaced: Audi RS6 Avant MOD BY: caravto team -NOT MY OWN MOD- DOWNLOAD LINK: http://removed [ATTACH]22216[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22217[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22214[/ATTACH]
  6. Not trying to be mean or something but didn't StarGT release the same gallardo model, superleggera one, but still?
  7. Nothing works. Exterior 9/10 (not working lights) Interior 3/10 (not working indicators,dashboard,wheel) Please, I understand you are a new modder but dont post unfinished mods. Thank you.
  8. awesome work :p although I never liked dfiles cuz it makes u wait 1 minute ;p
  9. finally a small car to cruise around the island, unlike previous luxury sport cars. Awesome
  10. Nice one but too bad it replaces the XKR which in my game is the 750i :(
  11. 1 question. What car does it replace? I've been looking for the d12 ingame. Cant find it
  12. So nobody is going to mod it? :(
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