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  1. Forza is like the only game where metallic paint looks actually like metallic paint. Great pictures man :p
  2. Was kinda worried about the map at first, because they mostly showed fast highways and country roads like they had in Rivals. Now after seeing the entire map, I'm actually pretty excited. Seems like there will be some good variety, and damn it looks pretty big compared to the last ones.
  3. It's out! 9,59€ isn't bad at all... Save 20% on Crashday Redline Edition on Steam
  4. So they're calling it "Crashday Redline Edition". It's on the Steam Store now and it's coming out on the 10th of August. Crashday Redline Edition on Steam I heard that they said that it'll be max. 15€, which isn't bad I guess :P
  5. Well, we haven't seen much of it but i like it so far. They added the cinematic stuff that I liked in The Run to an open world game, with the customization from '15. From what i heard, the handlich is much better than in NFS 2015 but still pretty much drift-oriented ...can't judge that from just some videos. I really don't understand the hate on the customization in '15/Payback. The "underground era", where people rice the nuts out of their car is over. Instead of hating people should appreciate to have these options back in NFS, since NFS15 probably had the most extensive customization in ages! Hopefully we'll see some more locations than just this highway at gamescom in a couple months :P (btw: that's not a fanboy avatar image. I just liked the new NFS colors):D
  6. Love the theme, but it seems like I don't have a decent looking game with one of these cars in it. :think:
  7. Didn't turn out how I planned. The photomode in pCARS is a pain in the ass. :-x entry post
  8. Had one with a bimmer in the desert, but this fits way better I guess :P <<Entry post>>
  9. "Calling all Units" it out, and it brought some new cars to my garage! :P
  10. Well, I was really happy to see that The Crew is getting another expansion since i really like that game. Didn't expect that for a almost 2 years old Ubi game to be honest. But what I've seen so far is pretty underwhelming.
  11. Sadly it kinda died when they shut down the "Masterserver". But it had a great (but small) community around it with lots of modders. Can't wait so see how they improved the original :P
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