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  1. Fix: - Subaru BRZ - Now have own sound ;) - BAC Mono: the right sound (previous copied from Ariel) - Saleen Raptor S5S: revolutions per idle sound loops without peak clipping - TVR Cerbera Speed 12: new sound ;) Cheers.
  2. Man this is first version (first pack) ,will be new parts Autopack. You will see the cars you are looking for. ;)
  3. Toyota supra Single Turbo BOV (Sound mod) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rpbrlhom6gu73pz/Supra_high.bnk and have fun! :)
  4. TDU2 Lancia Delta S4 Competition secound test (off-road, Logitech g27) work in progress.
  5. As you can see this is a final. The project is not developed further because it creates a new better. ;)
  6. Thank you very much for such a wide range of wheels! ;)
  7. Created a version with a large rear spoiler but no glass bonnet?
  8. This a verry good editor. Thanks man. :thumbsup:
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