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  1. Thank you very much for having answered me. I apologize for the delay in responding, but I was without PC for a long, long time because it burned down on a stormy night. I would really like a mod like the one that asked if there was (turn the vehicle's engine on and off). I apologize again for the delay. I appreciate your intention to help. Greetings.
  2. The Mod is really beautiful. But it has a failure in the turn indicators. The forwards are uncoordinated with the backs. The backs indicate well, but the forwards are inverted. Please, I would appreciate it could be corrected, especially for a theme of car aesthetics. Thank you very much for sharing your great work.
  3. Haaa !, Ok, right Mitkop81. You can not imagine how grateful I am for your help. Everything is going almost fine at the moment, I mean that the ALFA 4C of the car dealership malfunctions the speeds in automatic. They do not enter. Greetings.
  4. [quote name='mitkop81']@gadd3008 you need to buy again FXX and Lykan Hypersport because theyre ID are changed because of the multiplayer problem, wich is fixed with that. Download maserati levante and alfa 4c and rename all theyre files has i listed in the description of 1.9 because they replace 2 boss vehicles and if you dont change them, you will lost this 2 vehicles[/QUOTE] Thank you very much for your understanding and kindness in answering. This time it has become clearer to me what I should do, and it RESULTS. Now I have another question: What are those "traffic cars" that are on my car list? "TRAFFIC CAR 1", TRAFFIC TRUCK 3 "etc, etc. I hope it is not due to a bad procedure on my part Another thing: The Evora SC lotus I have sold it for a long time and I can not know if the procedure worked with ALFA 4C Is there any way to recover the Lotus Evora SC? Or can I replace the normal model with the Mod? Thank you very much.
  5. I did not understand 2 things, maybe it's due to my ignorance or because I'm too grown up for these things (know how to apologize for both). But I do not understand why I had to buy my Ferrari FXX and the Lykan Hypersport again. The latter does not admit improvements in the Asian store. Then, I do not understand the steps to follow to make the Maserati Levante work, in its place there is a very ugly car, Nor the one that makes in my car list, a lot of traffic cars of the game. I hope you can excuse my situation. For my part, I am very grateful to everyone for their help, collaboration and effort as always. Greetings.
  6. From what I see there was a misunderstanding, The version I used for DATA is that of Autopack 1.8, then I downloaded the folder of the FIX cpr of 1.8. I never used version 1.9. When downloading it and placing it in the game, the Ferrari 488 gtb bug and its gears were SOLVED!
  7. Thanks for the help. I used WinRar to decompress and it did not work. I downloaded 7Zip and it worked PERFECT! What I do regret is that the result with the Problem in the speed marches in the 488 GTB still persists. The file that I downloaded is the 1.8 fix. Thank you.
  8. [quote name='mitkop81']@gadd3008 you just need to download again 1.8 fixed because by some reason it's not downloaded correct for you. The archive have only data file nothing else. You use very old database and if you check old comments from page 77 and after that you will see that this problems are fixed. Try again to download fixed data[/QUOTE] Every time I download it when I want to open it, I get the message "THE FILE HAS AN UNKNOWN FORMAT OR IT IS DAMAGED"
  9. Another "detail" of what I found is in the "FERRARI 360" (the old F430 of the first Autopack). The driver's hair comes out over the roof of the car. It's a bit funny, but at the same time it ruins the beauty of that "classic" mod car at this point. I express my thanks to all the team again and my best regards to you Mitkop81 and members of Turboduck. Another thing is that my Ferrari FXX-K is still seeing how the original Ferrari Fxx Evoluzione.
  10. [quote name='mitkop81']@gadd3008 the tread is correct, but first of all you need to tell me wich version of database you use, because there is many differences between autopack 1.8 and 1.9 real performance wich i upload at other tread. If you have first 1.8 autopack database then this problems are fixed now, but if you use last REAL Performance, then i need to fix this problem. I will wait your answeer. And i need to know at what mode i got this problem - full assistance or sport (i think that you not use hypersport right?)???[/QUOTE] Hi Mitkop81, and many thanks for answering my question. The database is the Ferrari Red Pack (the 1.8 I suppose). I use the assisted mode (when playing with Joystick it is easier). Greetings and I hope I have been helpful with my response. I just checked the Database and it's definitely the 1.8, which comes by default within the same .rar file. I tried to download the file Fix 1.8 but when wanting to open it it tells me that it does not have any file inside the .rar. Thats weird?
  11. All good guys. I do not want to seem inopportune; I do not know if I'm in the correct Forum either; In the FERRARI 488 (Autopack 1.8) there is a disadvantage in the gear change between 1st. and 2nd. speed in AUTOMATIC mode. Even more if the road is wet. It is impossible to make it pull. I apologize if I have caused any inconvenience or inconvenience with this. For me it is not a simple detail since I play this with a keyboard, I do not have command, but I suppose it would be the same in that change of gears. Greetings to all and many thanks for your work and effort.
  12. Now the AUDI rings look good again! As for the lights of the dashboard, they are a minimum detail that does not even tarnish this masterpiece. Thank you very much.
  13. [ATTACH=full]30920[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]30919[/ATTACH] Hello, Minime. How is it going? Sorry to bother you, but I commented that the latest version of the Audi RS6 1.07, there are elements that do not work as shown in the images: 1- Board lights and indicators (only the signaling, left-right). 2- The AUDI rings are once again bright and gray (front and rear). These are just the details that appear to me. I attach images. Thanks for your attention.
  14. You have done a job EXCELLENT friend. Hawaii is more beautiful than ever. Thank you so much for sharing it.
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