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  1. [quote name='StarGT']u always have choice : VRS Design mods from sharemods or my mods from depositfiles p.s. u dont want to wait 15 minutes but one mod take 15 hours clear time to made it[/QUOTE] Actually, I don't need to choose, I can download the mods from both of you. It was just[U] [B]a suggestion[/B][/U]. I never said I had a problem waiting 15 or less minutes (I have to do it to download mods for other games), but if you have a choice to start uploading your new mods from now on to a site which provides a better service with no drawbacks to you, why not? That was my point. No need to "play the victim" or acting like you're doing this for nothing... @MagicV8 I'm on Wi-Fi here, fixed IP.
  2. @StarGT You should open an account and start uploading your own mods to sharemods.com, it's the same thing as Deposit Files (your earn money based on the download numbers) but the free download speed is much faster and you don't have to wait 15 mins between downloads, unlike Deposit Files. BTW Nice car VRS :tup:
  3. One of the best sounding V10 cars ever built. Beautiful job as always, thanks!! :tup: There's a pretty good sound mod for this car here in the forums, I just don't know if it's synchronized with the default performance of the RT12. (it works well with the old Tool381 Carrera GT though)
  4. Finally a top quality 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus without bugs. Looks amazing :tup: Next autopack release candidate maybe? ;) Thanks a lot StarGT andof course to Brian Balliu for the contribution to the community. :)
  5. Thanks a lot, another outstanding mod and a breath of fresh air into the game! Keep it up :tup:
  6. I hope miktop reads this then. I don't now if the 1.9 realistic performance database can be used with Autopack 1.8 or if one has to download the 1.9 preview.
  7. What software are you using to unpack files? Install the latest version of 7-Zip if you already haven't and then download the fixed database file, extract to the game directory (Euro > BNK > Database) and replace file when asked.
  8. [quote name='mitkop81']@TDU3FTW Did you have same problem?[/QUOTE] No, but I'm still playing on Autopack 1.7.3
  9. I found a video of Project Cars 2 (which has that car, the last variant I think), at 1:11 they show the stats of the car: Here are the stats: Top Speed: 334,7 Km/h or 208mph Acceleration 0-60mph (96,5 km/h): 4,59 secs. Power: 640hp Weight: 874,9 Kg Transmission: 5 speed H pattern Engine: straight 4 Here's a test drive video from the same game: Also found these, hope it helps: 1977 BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 Specifications - Ultimatecarpage.com | Project Cars - 1978 BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 progress - Bsimracing | 1978 Cars
  10. I love those backfire crackles. Great mods again (plus the one for the Agera R). Thanks and keep up the good work :tup:
  11. He can only do that if the author of the mod gives him permission to improve it (to add it to Autopack same thing) and even then I don't know if it's possible to fix those issues as the mesh is right now, I'm not sure but I think maybe he would need to start from scratch with an unmodified mesh.
  12. Cool mod, hope they make other recent mods of theirs public as well soon. Thanks for sharing :tup:
  13. I don't see the Ascari A12 in that list, only the KZ1R. Is it because it's gonna be replaced or something?
  14. @Ramon1991cobra What's that? A UFO, a plane from the game or the Delorean from Back to the Future? :laugh:
  15. Glad you're back, hope you're fully recovered from the health problems you had. Great work as usual! Thanks! :tup: This will replace the Solar Crown Evora in the future Autopack right?
  16. And he does it again, great mod man! I'm happy you're helping the guys with Autopack.
  17. Maybe it's best to leave the C3 & C4 cars with the original game performance. As for the racing school cars, if possible, separate them from the normal road cars and leave them with the original game performance as well. The only problem in that scenario would be the car classes in the licenses, but if the car's are separated you can change that. I like the idea of replacing the racing school cars though but that would be too much work and you guys are already overloaded with work, so forget about that. Waiting for more feedback.
  18. @miktop81:I have a question for you: in the database of Autopack 1.73 the Nissan 370Z Nismo has 450Nm torque and 445HP of power. Are those values stock from the game or they were changed by you for Autopack? I've been scrolling through the different 370 Nismo model specs from 2013-2018 and there's no version of that car with those figures.
  19. @Dextcloud I mentioned the Forza Horizon series in general, more as an example in the context of physics alone than anything else, since from what I've seen in videos you can go out of the tarmac into the grass during a race and the car doesn't even loose speed etc (e .g. FH3). Concerning FH1, I didn't know about that, sometimes the differences are due to the measurement systems. 157kw= 213hp (metric) and 206kw = 280hp (metric). In FH1 the Delta HF Integrale Evo has 210 bhp/157 kW and 224 lb⋅ft/304 Nm ([B]source: [URL="http://forza.wikia.com/wiki/Lancia_Delta_Integrale_EVO"]Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo[/URL][/B]). However, the car in real life has[B] [/B]130 kW/177PS/174 hp and 290 Nm/214 ft-lb ([B]source: [URL]http://www.automobile-catalog.com/auta_details1.php[/URL][/B]). So, according to these stats, actually in FH1 the car has +10 ft-lb of torque and +27kw than in real life, therefore,[B] in terms of stats at least[/B], it's overpowered by definition.
  20. @Dextcloud Actually if you see in Miktop's video above the R8 V10 (which is a manual BTW) did 0-200 km/h in about 12 secs, judging by the in game timer in the top upper corner. Real life figures for this exact car: [B]0-200km/h in 12,3 s (factory claim). [/B] The cars in this game (and in pretty much other games in general, Forza Horizon series is just an example, it even has worse physics than this 6/7 year old game... ) are so overpowered that when the performance is changed to real stats it's natural to be in shock. I have to say congratulations Miktop, I've been doing this with TDU2VPE and my results are not so good, it seems that Hex editor is better to adjust acceleration values and other stats, just as you said earlier. Keep up the good work. :tup:
  21. [quote name='mitkop81']@TDU3FTW I just wondering why you did that changes with alfa's when they are totally different cars. [/QUOTE] Why not? If the results in the game are good why wouldn't anyone do it? In real life there are people swapping engines all the time (if they fit of course). In terms of engine alone (which is what I did), they're actually not that different as you can see below, and when I do changes I update them in the info of course ;) [B]2016 Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde[/B]: Engine manufacturer: Fiat Starjet/T-Jet MultiAir series Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke Fuel type: petrol (gasoline) Fuel system: indirect injection Charge system: turbocharger [B] [B]2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe[/B]: [/B] Engine manufacturer: Fiat Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke Fuel type: petrol (gasoline) Fuel system: gasoline direct injection Charge system: turbocharger Valves per cylinder: 4 Additional features: DOHC; turbo; intercooler [B][/B] Only difference is one has indirect injection the other has direct injection. And more power of course, but the basic block is not that different. [B] [/B]
  22. [quote name='mitkop81'] @TDU3FTW man, your data have many messes with the database. Alfa Romeo Mito is much heavy that Alfa 4C (1250 vs 920kg), after that Alfa 4C accelerate to 160km/h for 19,4sec(11,9 for 4C) and 0-200km/h for 40,5sec(20,5 for 4C), i don't know what realism have here with your specs. And swapping torque and horsepower parametters? Alfa 4C at A7? When she is fastest even lotus evora wich is at A5? But this is your decision and is at your game. Don't forget that i do this like a patch wich everyone can use and i try everything to have real specs of the cars in the game (that not mean real performace in old parts) and now and real performance how is possible. I cant afford self-deception'in public patch, especially now, when i start to do realism.[/QUOTE] :laugh: I've noticed sometimes you have trouble understanding what others are saying, which is expected, no problem. Anyway, as you said yourself, what I'm doing doesn't have anything to do with your project nor am I saying anything else, I'm just sharing the results of what I'm doing in my own game. You said before that sometimes you have to put the gear ratios of a car into another car to achieve the best results, but that's not realistic either, not to mention that I found some wrong stats in the Autopack 1.73 database (like the 458 Italia Max RPM at 10000 etc.). And again, I said I'm doing some realistic/semi-realistic stats for some cars while in others I'm doing "what if" performance tunes. In the Mito I changed the HP & torque figures by the ones of the 4C, not the weight as far as I recall, just to make the car a bit faster. (can't remember if I changed other parameters) Did the same thing with the VW Golf so they compete with each other and still are A7 class. My Evora now has the specs of the 2018 Evora GT430 Sport as well as the Exige V6 Cup (turned it into the 2018 Exige 430 Cup). These changes actually make sense to me because the modern versions have the same engine and a lot of the same characteristics and components of the older models in the game, that are just detuned. In terms of results and balance I'm actually satisfied so far. Just yesterday I was testing the Giulia Quadrifoglio and the 2012 Mercedes AMG C63 Black Edition, both with realistic stats done by myself, both A3 class, and they run similar times at Ibiza Circuit. My best so far with the 918 Spyder with my realistic specs was 1:12:97, just milliseconds slower than the P1 with semi-slicks, which are actually the expected results and how they would run in a circuit with a layout similar to the Ibiza track. Enough rambling, keep the good work man :tup:
  23. Well, in sport mode and without tuning my best lap so far with the La Ferrari with 2,000 grip performance at Ibiza track was 1:24.35. In the 918 Spyder, as I mentioned above, I did 1:18.86 also with 2,000 grip performance. I'm using the database from Autopack 1.73 which I have installed, mainly because I'm building a custom/themed profile. I have car mods installed that are not from that version of Autopack, so I've been creating "realistic" tunes for those car mods, I've also been changing some values of default TDU2 cars in database and Autopack cars as well. Today I created a "Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S" performance tune for the default Golf GTI and I "swapped the engine" of the Alfa Romeo Mito Quadrifoglio Verde with the Alfa 4C engine (exactly same engine, more power) both cars are class A7, just have to fix the gear ratios of the Golf. BTW The AMG GTR I mentioned yesterday now really performs like an A1 class car after I did the "Renntech Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade" tune with 2,500 grip performance. My best lap at Ibiza with it so far was 1:27.06. Just so that you have an idea of how that lap time compares with other cars I did a 1:28.00 with the F12 Berlinetta (A2 class, real gear ratios, 2,000 grip performance) and a 1:28.72 with a 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus (A2 class, realistic settings, 2,000 grip). Here are some other times I did all at Ibiza with the tunes I've been creating/modifying: Mclaren MSO MP4-12C High Sports (just the performance of the real car, not the model, A1 class) - 1:22.53 Porsche 997 GT2 RS (A2) - 1:32.74 599XX (A1) - 1:27.77 458 Italia Coupé (A2) - 1:30.46 Audi R8 LMX (A2) - 1:30.91 FXX (A1) - 1:13.54 Porsche 991.1 GT3 (A2) - 1:34.54 Huracan LP610-4 (didn't change anything, changed it to A1) - 1:25.19 Aventador LP700-4 (didn't change anything, A1) - 1:26.26 Don't forget that in the single player story mode there are "High" championships within each class of cars with the CPU using the best cars of that specific class tuned to lvl 3 or 4 and "Low" championships with stock cars or tuned to lvl1 or 2.
  24. I'm actually doing that in my own game. While I'm tuning and testing the cars I'll change the car class according to the performance if needed. Indeed some of the challenges of this game are close to impossible, even with the default performance of the cars. In many of them one has to retry dozens of times. For those who play with keyboard or gamepad the normal physics of the game make the cars very hard to control even in full assistance. For these people I would advise to install the CTR physics mod, which is a must IMO, not only makes the control of the cars more realistic but you'll have more grip without changing performance settings. With this mod you can really feel the difference between assist levels while with normal physics the cars almost behave the same or worse, whether you're playing with full assistance, sport or hardcore. Just an example, the 918 Spyder around Ibiza track was a bit hard to control and was spinning a bit in sport mode, even though its AWD. Then I noticed I hadn't installed the CTR physics mod after reinstalling the game. I installed it again and it was like night and day. With default physics of the game I was struggling to do a run around the Ibiza track without getting even only one wheel outside of the track but with CTR physics, sport mode and realistic performance settings I did a 1.18.86 lap without pushing that much. I'm also changing the grip levels of the cars according to the needs and reality, for instance I use 3,500 grip performance in TDU2VPE for slick tires (for track cars like the Vulcan, FXX Evo, FXX etc.), 3,000 for semi-slicks (Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R's etc.), 2,500 for supercars and 2,000 for some performance cars. With the P1 with grip values like 2,000 I was having a hard time to beat that 918 Spyder time that I set in Ibiza (which is realistic as that track is short and with a lot of corners), then I changed to semi-slicks, which were actually sold as an option in real life, and I set a 1:12.66, beating even my best time with the Vulcan with slicks (1:13.67).
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