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  1. Hey Diablo! :) Thanks for keeping an eye on everything, basically anytime I post about EST is an hour behind, trust me I still get confused and I am out here. So yeah you are right 14:30 UK time.
  2. Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, I have been super busy getting things ready on Route909! I have been at the studios since Friday and it is just non stop at the moment. Basically what we are going to do is make a list of your questions and ask them live on stream to some of the developers. We will have the creative director, the lead producer, the art director and more and they will be answering questions picked off the forums I reached out to! The live stream will be live on http://www.route909.com from 15:30 CET and 09:30 EDT. Also we have updated a lot of the rules for Route 909 and are adding photos from the set-up etc, so keep on checking the homepage. If you have any more questions please fire them to us on our social media pages as we have some people motioning them but I will try to pick up anything else that has been added here. Please do remember these developers are unable to say certain things about the game due to legal reasons and the fact the game has not been released but we will do our best to get as much info out of them as possible!
  3. Thanks Diablo! My working hours are mixed as well and some of the questions I may not be able to answer but rest assured I will be doing my best to get the answers... especially if I don't know because I WANT TO KNOW AS WELL! haha. --- Post Updated --- Oh man, given the fact I work around the game I sadly have not put as much time into the game as I would have liked to, that being said I have still played a hell of a lot. My favorite thing to do in the game is literally roaming about... I like the ability to just explore and go off on massive road trips, it is a glorious part of the game and I find myself getting side tracked quite often just exploring.
  4. Hello turboduck community, I wanted to introduce myself to all of the racing communities I could find in order to show them what The Crew & Route 909 are doing as well as giving you guys a chance to be some of the first to play it in the world. My name is James Banks and I am the community manager behind Home | The Crew . Route 909 is a community based around Ubisoft’s new game The Crew, an MMO-Car-PG! We have given early access of the game to 8 gaming centers around the world and have announced a few unique competitions with some fantastic prizes from Ubisoft, Nvidia, Thrustmaster, Gunnar and paid trips to Gamescom or PAX! Route 909 is a special operation in which a few gaming centers around the world get exclusive access to the unreleased car game The Crew between May 16 and June 12th 2014. The main reason behind the event is that we want gamers to discover the game hands on. The Crew is so huge it’s hard to describe: you have to play it to believe it. Now I am not here just to promote the game and Route 909… I am here to ask the community what they think and answer any questions you may have… some questions I may not have the answers for but I will see if I can and try to help you guys understand more about this game in anticipation for its release! And remember guys… Never Drive Alone! Route 909 URL - Home | The Crew Route 909 Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Route909 Route 909 Twitter – Route909 (909Route) on Twitter My twitter – James Banks (BanKseSports) on Twitter **Thanks to Diablo for the account update**
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