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  1. if anyone could high def one with big BNK's would be amazing
  2. o hello PAPAGENA!!! tu es belle con la PAPAYA!! i love these mods man i cant wait for the W222 and please kick this low texture guy's ass and make a proper RS7 in the meantime :) anyway have a happy new year man and i wish you all the best, if you need shots of an RS7 I could give you some since I own one :) take good care Zoqqer
  3. So where can we get the liberty walk 458? :O thats my dream to have it in the game LOL !!!!! I want that mod so bad
  4. wholf88

    Audi RS7

    Hey guys it would be awesome if someone could make this come true! [ATTACH]23803[/ATTACH] FM5 has it :D
  5. Okkkkkay, not bad man, holy....thanks this actually looks so good and everything's pretty much perfect!! --- Post Updated --- BTW have you thought about doing not just RS5 but an RS7?? I pretty much think you can nail that too!!
  6. Norbi man you're the best. (ugyes vagy nagyon) ...I like your mods and I wish you can keep up your work as well. Your mods are very cool and hq so I look forward to see your new ones out.
  7. VEEEERY NICE!!!!!! wow ...you nailed this one! don't you want to consider doing the E63 AMG-S/CLS 63 AMG-S? you're pretty good with benz man!!!:nods:
  8. Hail Zogger!! Very nice man, wish u keep up the excellent work!!! ALL TIME FAN HERE!!
  9. So there's not chance the RS will come out without the bigbnk? thing is not everyone was as lucky to get the original game therefore I can't do the bigbnk :/ anyway im hoping to see some nice cars in the future from you..!! U THA BEST MAN! keep up the good work!
  10. omg wut wut m8..BEST EVER ... I LOVE YOU for NOT using the bigbnks, I knew that at least you will make perfection without extra help! hands down and congrats, and million thanks!!!! u are the best!!!111
  11. Thank you very much, fair enough! And yea even on steam the only tdu available is the second one :( ... I would buy TDU in a heart beat though
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