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  1. you can make the LHD version with litle spoiler?
  2. To create a new name, open TDUMT, click on patches, ads an instruction, then you select update resource, in resourcefilename you put carphysics data, in resource values put(for example): 00000001|LaFerrari
  3. open TDUMT , and click on database, click in tools and check database, if appears a error fix it, if dont work, tell me in PM.
  4. Yes its possible, its the same replacing for cars, but you have to open TDUPE and go to bike physics and change the class mA, mB to A,B,C,D....
  5. TDU needs more classic cars and beautiful and this MR2 SC is one of them Its possible convert it.
  6. Replace bikes for cars is simple, its the same replace cars for cars but with diference, on TDUPE you have go to motocycle physic and change the class mA/B for A,B, C.... The pack 3 it is just a update, for example: the lotus esprit has 350 hp (standard) without a update the pack 3 give you +/-420 hp, with update the pack 3 give +450 hp + speed + acelaration + braking. when you replace the lotus physics for a camaro, the pack 3 change the values(automatic) the esprit to the camaro.
  7. [ATTACH]21915[/ATTACH] Formula download: carpackform ps: On this formula the numbers are diferent, but it works if you replace it.
  8. My TDU comprises with 98% cars mods, and i replace all motocycles for cars and works 100% for me.
  9. When you tune you car, the shop show 3 performance packs, i update the last one, thats it. --- Post Updated --- No, just replace the file TDU_AfterMarketPacks.db.
  10. Made by me. Features: All cars and motocycles have: More Power; More Acelaration; More Speed; More Breaking; Less Weight. Download: TDU_Pack 3 update Enjoy! Soon i will release performance car pack 1,2 and 3 in reward cars. Sorry for my english.
  11. Its not a bug, its the performance pack values, Atari did a worst job on that, because the values are negative, and ZO6 its not only car with that problem, audi rs4, s4, a3, golf r32 and more (i no remember) have that "problem" too, but you can change the values on TDUMT.
  12. Hi, i got a "problem" i add on wheels to my subaru impreza without replacing, i did all things right (creating id´s) but when i go to garage appears rx8 (i think) wheels. Somebody can help me please?
  13. Hi i want these gauges: chevrolet corvette zr1 mercedes c63 amg lexus is300 camaro ss seat leon cupra golf r honda nsx-r gt audi tt-rs dodge challenger srt-8 I try download but links are deads, somebody can help me to get these gauges pls?
  14. links doesn t work, can you reupload pls?
  15. i found a bug, when i tune this gar on level 3, car its not fast enought with any power, does 0-60 in 6.2 and dont reach the standard top speed 232 km/h, reach a litle more 205 km/h
  16. its not that error, the error is this: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index
  17. Hi all, when i install a physics for example mercedes sls, when i open TDUMT give me a error, but i know why TDUMT didn t open, because when i install automatically database remove on carphysicsdata the line defaultbike, but i dont know how to fix it, anyone can help me pls? ps: i try to fix it on TDUMT but dont do anything....
  18. i show all extension files on my pc, i save databse as .accdb then i change to .db , but didnt work anyway.
  19. i want change the values i want without use tdumt , just use excel or acess to change the values i want, then i replace it on TDUMT . ps: i tried replace the AfterMarketpack.accdb and i change to extension .db then i replace on TDUMT, but when i run the game the performances shops dissapear.
  20. Hi all, I know the databases on tdu is paradox, Djey and 2vcsupergt converted to excel, I cannot change the values ​​in the database on TDUMT, I saw the tuturial and i did everything alright but nothing changes, someone can you help me?
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