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  1. Depend what you mean? All the AUTOPACK project is a sequel of UP04 and not only add over 70 new cars but and replace some of them. Special this post is just lastl version of the Autopack but include only the cars from last update of the mod. Go in the main project page and download the project from there and after that download this one. P:S: Autopack 1.8 download link is in the comments at page around 61-62 because that site was under construction when was released and was impossible to put download links on the main page
  2. @ Carlstone13 im glad to see that you come back and i hope to see more reviews from you... but what's happen with oficial release of Autopack 1.85 idk.
  3. Hello Diablo. Sorry that i disturb you, but i want to ask you something. I was want today to upload the beta version of our Autopack 1.85 here, but there is a limit of 50MB of all sectors for TDU2. The beta version is 226 MB. Are is possible to upload the archive here in the turboduck and if it is, where?

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    2. Eudemon


      yes, when you submit a file to download,  there is an option to add file by URL

    3. mitkop81


      Well we do it like that, but looks like some people have issues with downloading from this pages, that's why was my question are is possible to upload the project directly here.

      But still thank you for the answeer and sorry that i answeer so late.

    4. Eudemon


      People have issue downloading from download section?? first time heard of that, if you look at milli's mod, there are over 30k downloads and no1 complained

  4. @Splia try to download the archive, because is not damaged. Maybe something was not downloaded properly when you try. Try again and look the size of the archive after downloading. It need to be 226MB (226.17MB).
  5. @BOSSF13 Autopack 1.85 is released at beta version at other post, but the full version of it will be released here. I was create Autopack 1.9 Early access Real performance pack, but is only abouth new performance of the cars - there have no new vehicles. Autopack 1.85 betta is here : , but include only cars from it without old vehicles
  6. Guys i don't know where is StarGT i lost contacts with him.... I hope he is OK.....and i dont know why he don't release next part of the Autopack, wich i ready. I can't wait anymore and today, at my birthday i release beta version of the Autopack 1.85 at my Real Performance pack page. This is temporary, because full version of the pack with clean bugs is at StarGT and he will release it when is ready. I hope to enjoy that new part of the pack and see you soon. P.S: StarGT man where are you?
  7. StarGT man what's happen with you, your facebook profile maybe is deleted? I can't contact with you. Please write me somewhere - maybe at skype?
  8. Laborghini Reventon was exist at my old project....i was the person who release it before....before together with StarGT and company to start Autopack. And man, believe me there is no more free space (unreleased cars), all slots are reserved .... Be sure that we have planned 2 new Lamborghini's, but not and Reventon. Understand us, all future cars are donated and we can't ingore them.
  9. ok then sorry i didn't understand all and start to answeer .... sorry for that . Own hosting service is a great idea, congratulations to diablo and all of you for that.
  10. Guys what is the point of discussion here? sorry for the question but from what i understand you want more thinks from tdu2 to be modified, not only vehicules? And i see that you can't understand the code type of the game....well Milli i can say 1 think - for me, to can read and understand database structure was necessery around 1 year every day working, testing and repairing again and again......No 2 weeks - 1 year!!! 1 year before to can show here my first project and after that to start the "Autopack" together with StarGT and all other people who helping us to give the live of this project and to be at needed quallity .... the tdu2 file structure is very complicated, every file is one huge table with numbers and letters, i was create my own sistem to read and decript the database. But i am concentrated only at car database, i didn't try other files....and honestly i don't want to mess with them, because i know how i got my succsess with database decoding.... I am not a proffesional programmer, everything that i did i did like a hobby, i was a noob, but noob with big wish to do something with the game, because i believed that i can do it. And now i fully understand your wish, but i don't want to move again to all this shirt...
  11. Reventon? You mean Lamborghini Reventon i guess? I am not sure that this car will be included in the pack, unfortunelly. I love it too, but there is no free spaces....we will see.
  12. One more car prepared for future release but still is not finished. Performance are custom because of the lack of info abouth it. Model need to be adjusted more, but for now is good for beta testing. Here is and the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-HJ8JYZedc
  13. Hey guys did you sleep :D.... how goes on? Are you still waiting abouth update??? Well i have good news - we continue to work at future update of the pack and hope soon to can release it. But now i want to give you 1 bonus - video with one of the future cars in the pack - model still is not finished, performance is custom because there is allmost haven't info abouth it .... But i hope to like it and accept it, because that is one RACE LEGEND! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-HJ8JYZedc
  14. Man try to fit the rim size of this rims with tdu2vpe....if still have problem than mean that actual files of the rims are bugged. I can't fix this. I was have many problems like this, but StarGT fix them when inspect models before releasing...but this is the 3d modelling wich i don't understand.
  15. Hm it's not death. It's work for me. Did anyone else have this problem? Autopack 1.8.1 rebalanced cars finished.rar
  16. Hmm did no one test the Realistic performance??? More than 1 week from releasing all basic cars haven't any opinions abouth present specs of the cars....
  17. Traffic car and traffic truck wich you have now at the garage are old FXX and Lykan Hypersport. Abouth Alfa4C and Maserati Levante, check italian shops at both island. I believe that i include them at the shops, but that is temporary. With offitial release of next part that will be fixed and this cars will exist only like PRICE cars like before
  18. @gadd3008 you need to buy again FXX and Lykan Hypersport because theyre ID are changed because of the multiplayer problem, wich is fixed with that. Download maserati levante and alfa 4c and rename all theyre files has i listed in the description of 1.9 because they replace 2 boss vehicles and if you dont change them, you will lost this 2 vehicles
  19. Well now after finishing all basic cars i think is correct time to made voting abouth Realistic Performance project. Now when we have all cars we can decide did we like or not that project. Quick poll Old voting was 5 for YES, 4 for NO + 2 can't decide from wich 2 cant decide 1 vote was from me, because i did the project. Now when im finish for now that project, i like it. Not only because i lost 2 months to do this, but because i've got so satistied results of so much cars....when i start, i was not believe that i can do it. I was never mess up with grip, traction control, aerodinamic, suspension, and many other parametters of the cars. But at the procces of work i learn much abouth how any parametter affect the car... and i am satisfied with result. And will try everything at the future that "real acceleration" to continue how is possible. Now when i finish and my acceleration table...so big competition will be with all the cars. Off course at any class have 1 or 2 or little more very fast cars (especially at A1) wich are much faster than basic of the class. There have and cars, wich haven't real info and are adjusted by my vision to theyre competitors.... This data is not final!!! Still is possible to have changes at some cars, but that will be the new base of the all future cars....
  20. Hmmm that's very interesting. But when you open the archive are in it have a database file or archive is empti??? If you have there data file then extract it and try to use it. Do backup of your present data to can restore it if the file is damaged. Variant 2 is to try to download my real performance data from my post (it's at comments because the site now is under construction and we can't edit our treads), but first read carefull my description there and do the changes at files wich i list there. Or just download maserati levante and alfa 4c wich are ready and uploaded and name theyre files has i write at the description. I don't know why you have this problem with database archive. Or we need to find other way to send you 1.8 fixed database
  21. @gadd3008 you just need to download again 1.8 fixed because by some reason it's not downloaded correct for you. The archive have only data file nothing else. You use very old database and if you check old comments from page 77 and after that you will see that this problems are fixed. Try again to download fixed data
  22. @gadd3008 the tread is correct, but first of all you need to tell me wich version of database you use, because there is many differences between autopack 1.8 and 1.9 real performance wich i upload at other tread. If you have first 1.8 autopack database then this problems are fixed now, but if you use last REAL Performance, then i need to fix this problem. I will wait your answeer. And i need to know at what mode i got this problem - full assistance or sport (i think that you not use hypersport right?)???
  23. Ok all base cars are finished...Racing school cars are good enought to get licenses wich mean that they will not be touched for now. I think to get little rest from modding until some new car is finished. Tomorrow i will update and the table with the timers. Still can't understand why my game have bugs with wrecks.... You can download last database from here:Autopack 1.8.1 rebalanced cars finished.rar
  24. It's not a Autopack problem it's a game problem. Somehow my game is not full....when i start my old copy wich have bugged files i have this wrecks, but at present copy of the game i haven't. Somehow part of the EXPLORER pack missing on my game
  25. @TDU3FTW thank you for the info but and i found this and is not completed....at project cars this car is too fast maybe.... Today i found a bug with wreck - missing lancia stratos wrecks at locations 7 and 8 here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=BpcA5jfmGt4;t=1 Did you have same problem? This question is not personally only to @TDU3FTW it's for all of you guys
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