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  1. Wow, that was fast. Nice, johny46. Thanks a lot. Now I'll check out if it helps getting a better framrate...:clap:
  2. Hmmm... i've been trying to play around with nvidia control panel and ingame detail settings etc., sadly without any noticable improvement. Only modification i have installed is the mod which adds the Facel Vega and Bugatti (wasn't it called patch 1.68b or so?). As far as i know this mod does not modify any of the fx data, at least i had no trouble with V0.02a. So, to put it short, after messing around the whole evening yesterday, it would be nice if V0.02a would make on my hdd again. If it's a problem to upload here, i would be gladly receiving it via mail...
  3. That won't matter, because i'm playing it offline and using this mainly because of the fuel mode...
  4. Hi everybody, first of all thanks to eveyone involved in this project, i just love tdu and I'm really glad to see it vital again. Now my question: is it possible to re-upload version 0.02A? Because V0.03A is somehow killing my TDU, talking about performance. With V0.02A i had between 47-60 fps, now i'm between 38-45... would be good to have the older version back. My stupidness didn't let me make a backup of the older version. :/
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