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  1. Hey everyone. I have enjoyed TDUW since the public release earlier this year. I first tried the unpacked method, that didn't work at all. Then I applied the TDUW file on the packed/untouched one via my Steam version. That worked perfectly. Last weekend I had to reinstall Windows 10 due to a failed update (a forced update messed up my whole Windows). So today I decided to try to get the unpacked version to work. First off, I followed the installation tutorial word by word on TurboDuck, making sure I didn't do anything wrong. Also, my computer is fully up to date with all necessary
  2. This is NOT the topic to complain about it. Make sure to connect to the official TDU Zone Discord channel for the latest updates on what's going on !! And I thought I was one of the oldest blokes around
  3. Hoe hoe hoeehhhhhh :D That's awesome ! Hopefully TDU2 Online will be back soon ! Can't absolutely not wait !!!
  4. Hey, I'm Youri a.k.a. Pr1nceHapi/RamteamJax*/iJax/Pr1nceKoelkast/JaxDryke/Indominex** and I'm a gamer from the Netherlands. Born in 1982 and raised in the eastern part of the Netherlands, I've always loved gaming. My first computer was a C64 with cassettes (yes, for real) and I still have my 1992 Super Nintendo with Mariokart, Mario Allstars and Killer Instinct. I've been playing the Test Drive series since day 1 and played every version of it. Been playing TDU1 since February 2006 (even bought a complete new computer to be fully able to play it) and TDU2 approximately 10 days be
  5. Did anyone actually take a good and sharp look at the website banner over at KT ? The one in the middle is actually working on a model for TDU3. One of my buddies works at the BBI administration department and told me they're working on the story for TDU3 since April this year.
  6. This is marvellous. What a great and fantastic way to make us TDU1 lovers happy again. I've enjoyed both TDU's very much, although TDU1 was the start of a whole new experience which was sadly torn down by Infogrames (which had used Atari's name in license, because it wasn't the real Atari, just so you áll know) and its moneygrabbing managers. TDU2 went through the same yet even worse path. Having a group of coding/designing enthusiasts booting new power into the TDU-franchise is just absolutely great. Superb. If you (the team) need some help filling up the radiostations with new conte
  7. Hey everyone one. Just installed this. It does boot up and I can play online and all, although I don't see anyone there (while the map says xx players online). Whenever I go into the map however and move around a bit, an error comes up 'there is a network error' or something like that. When clicking okay or go back, the game crashes. I'll try to make a ss of the issue. Thanks in advance if anyone has a solution. // Hapi Formerly known as: - RamteamJax - JaxDryke - iJax - TheJax - RMT-Jax
  8. Don't be, our Peugeot 406 1.8 Turbo was stolen, then returned and now totalled...
  9. Is anyone able yet to log in or even update the game through the original uplauncher? I haven't been able to login and play at all since November 2016. I just want to drive around one more time.. But nothing seems to work. I've literally tried Every possible solution I could find from then up to now. Not with the Steam version, not with the digital download one. I just cannot get it to work. Does anyone have an alternative idea? Uni Launcher, no success either. Unpacking the game and use that solu? Nope. Tried it on all my 7 systems, even on the MacBook, none seem to get i
  10. Hey there everyone, I haven't been active on this forum for quite some time, as I'm a very busy man (operating a clan, record label, being a dj, my webdesign company and taking care of my wife and son). Due to this, I've missed out on all the goodies that you guys have brought to the racing game community here. My upmost respect for that ánd for keeping old(er) online racing games alive !! So.. I've been trying to play TDU2 from like 2015 or so. Never worked after I reinstalled Windows early 2015. I own two licenses for TDU2, the Steam version and the Digital Download one. Whe
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