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  1. is there a way to turn all online challenges into single-player?
  2. I didn't played a TDU for whole year (when carpacks is a little and separate), and checking this masterpiece only now... Godlike work. Thanks very much for all your efforts! Seen screens from Platinum upcoming update... Needs some time-travel haha
  3. Is there an any bugs if I turn Gumpert Apollo S to a non-club car (putting in shop)?
  4. Is it possible somehow to add new cups/challenges on map? We can get a developer race editor (gmedesinger in gamepc.cpr), and save that races in ig2 files by hex-editing. Replacing files is working, but creating fully new races will be great.
  5. Can't download file - it redirects on same page...Use mediafire, google drive, yandex disk or rghost for example :)
  6. Too late, but yes - special shop contains all hidden clothes, including casino's.
  7. And remember about Maserati rims on 8C. :D Only one color on cars like Subaru BRZ and Porsche 911 GT3 is a techical issue? Not a problem, just asking. Same question about Nissan kp/h and accel. info. <newcarsreview> PureSex=1 </newcarsreview> Also, i have a full list of cars with autopack in all categories, good to choose your next car in story mode :D I can send it, if someone want.
  8. DepositFiles? Dear god... >( Please, INCLUDE PROPER ALFA ROMEO 8C SPIDER COCKPIT FILE in autopack, i can't download now original game only for original file without that pink floor... And that Akrapovic vinyl is annoying, IMHO. UPD: What about including club-cars in dealers?
  9. Who have original car files? I have same bug, but deleted original game unfortunately :(
  10. And 8C Spider don't have a cockpit botton texture - pink bottom... Maybe i will redownload game from Steam and patches
  11. Hm, but how Alieron Spyder fets disappeared from my game? That car not even on dealer, only standard Alieron and Zagato
  12. Please fix event with Spyker C8 Alieron Spyder - game gives "unfinished" Lancia instead of Spyker :( Also, Pagani Huarya can reach 410 km/h, wtf? Also x2, Nissan Skyline R34 sometimes don't have a engine sound...
  13. I choose Lambo Countach 5000QV, set that car in Ibiza dealer, and press Apply... Access violation at address 006FFF15 in module "TDU2VPE.exe". Read of address 00000020.
  14. VPE easily adds club cars to dealers, yes. I add Gumpert and Wiesmann into Spyker's Place; Lotus 2-Eleven into dealer with Ariel Atom; and Audi R8 Spyder in Audi place.
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