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  1. It's not the button to bring up the map that's giving me the problem, it's the buttons that scroll the map in the four directions that's giving me the problem. I set the map button to Select on my controller, but I have to use the mouse to navigate the map.
  2. I've Googled for hours, like I said, and I've yet to see more than a single unanswered soul ask about it. And, like I said, it's only given me a problem on this primary computer of mine, not the laptop. The laptop loads the map just fine. --- Post Updated --- So, everyone, I found the culprit. Get ready for this silly crap... It was the controls. Specifically, binding the map's controls for left, right, up and down to the controller breaks the map. Looks like I'll need to use the mouse for the map, which isn't a big deal. But there we go everyone. It's literally that damned stupid. I figured it out, btw, by uninstalling the game, wiping the registry, reinstalling... still wasn't working. So I pulled my save game out of the folder, and started anew. The map was working. Then, seeing it was working and figuring the save game had perhaps just corrupted, I started mapping the controls again to my controller, went to the map, and it broke. So I defaulted the controls, checked, and the map was working again. Sat there and added each control in, one by one, until I found the culprit. And I'm just stunned. It's such a stupid, nonsensical reason for a game map to stop working...
  3. I do not. One would imagine that, considering the number of pirates in the world, such an issue would've been brought up by them if it were a problem with any such crack.
  4. Welp. That didn't work. So it seems that it's not a problem with having the map files as much as it is a problem with the game DISPLAYING the map files, for whatever reason.
  5. Still having problems. :/ Looks like I'm going to need those original map files.
  6. It's only the section on the right that gives the information regarding events, stores, etc. The section appears, as though it's GOING to present information, but no text appears and the section that contains the screenshot for the location or event simply remains grey. My system specs are as follows: AMD Radeon HD 6970 Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition (6-core, 3.2 Ghz) 16 GB RAM The game is running at highest settings. No amount of changing the settings results in the information loading. :/
  7. Bump. If anyone has even the faintest idea of what to try, I'd appreciate it.
  8. So, I bought TDU several months back on eBay. Copy was in perfect condition, installed it, started playing for 2 or 3 hours, then went to bed since it was about 4 in the morning or so. Turn the game back on when I wake up, and the map information doesn't load. Instead, on the side where the information is supposed to appear, everything is blank and the place where the picture is supposed to be is just a grey square. Tried looking for solutions at the time and couldn't find any. Ended up buying the Russian Gold Edition just to check if maybe this particular version of TDU was causing the problem. Even the Russian release, which, as I understand, made some changes to the code (though my information there may be faulty), did the EXACT same thing. Played fine for a few hours and, upon restart, map information doesn't load. I then installed both versions of my terribly weak laptop just to see and, after torturing myself to about 2 hours on each version to low FPS in low resolution, neither version gave me the map information bug, so it's apparently a problem on my end, I'm just not sure what would be causing a problem. The main thing that's tripping me up is that the map works to begin with, as opposed to just not working from the start. And since no changes are being made to my computer between the time I start playing the game the first time to when I start it back up the second time, I have not even the slightest guess as to what the source of the problem may be. Oh, and I'm not the only one that's had this problem. Upon originally looking up the problem with the first version I bought, I found, after a lot of searching, someone else who had the exact same issue. Unfortunately, no one replied to him, so... But, yes, I would LOVE to play this game properly on my computer, because it's just so enjoyable when it works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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