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  1. In fact, I think any BTRQ file would work in any other car's BNK. I know it changes some characteristics for the engine performance, but I'm still not quite sure how the game uses the BTRQ files exactly.
  2. I'm still alive guys :) Thanks to Djey's PM, I found out my editor didn't work with his newer TDUF versions anymore, so my editor no longer depends on TDUF and instead only uses a standalone decrypter/encrypter for reading and saving .btrq files. It's now not such a hassle to set my editor up with TDUF anymore! The new version can be found here.
  3. Oh yeah, that is true, now I think about it. I thought it was inconvenient if you cannot cross points, but it might actually be more confusing if you could cross them! I honestly don't know (if I did know, I would have fixed them haha :lol:). No large bugs at least, I think, maybe a small bug when someone tries to do something I haven't tested yet.
  4. Finally I had some spare time this weekend :happyroll:, so I added the option to exactly specify the coordinates of a data point! The new version can be found here. The best way to make a curve is to just create and drag points in a rough curve and then use the edit boxes to fine-tune the points. It might sound simple to add this option, but due to some limitations in the libraries I use to do the plotting, I had to rewrite some stuff to allow for the selection of a point. Therefore, some bugs may have passed into the final build. So if you guys find any bugs, please let me know! Crossing of points is still not allowed, since changing the order of points is quite hard for me to handle correctly. Any other suggestions to improve the editor are always welcome!
  5. Unfortunately yes, the power curve does not have an effect on the game. In fact, that is why I linked the power and torque graph together, so that when you adjust the power graph, the results indirectly (via the formula) go into the .btrq files. And yes, I agree, maybe I should make that more clear. But I don't think removing the option to edit the power curve is a good idea, since sometimes reallife data from a car is only in the form of a power curve. And then, with the formula, the power curve is approximated by means of a torque curve. Do you guys have an idea how I should handle this in the interface?
  6. You are right, the formula does not hold exactly, but still very close. The thing is, the .btrq files really only hold torque values, so TDU will definitely only use torque to simulate a car's behavior. So perfecting the torque graph is the only thing you can do. The power mode in the editor is just another view of the data. I would like TDU to have had seperate files for torque and power data, but unfortunately, only torque is used by the game. Those screenshots of my editor indeed don't look right, I'll see what I can do. I hope I'll have time to do the coordinate mode and fixing your problem this weekend.
  7. That will always happen, Rebelinho. Power = 2*pi*torque*RPM/60, so changing one will automatically change the other. So yes, they are linked together! If this does not always happen in my program, please let me know, because it definitely should! I hope my program turns out to be useful for you.
  8. Actually, that's a great idea. I can make it so that you can select a point and then type in the coordinates. Is that what you mean?
  9. No problem guys, thanks for the responses! @Tob-Racer, it didn't take a lot of work to build the first version, but refining it is always the most work! It was fun though, wouldn't have done it otherwise either :)
  10. I know it's only been a week since release, but I'm really curious: Has anybody gotten some results using the editor yet?
  11. Great research! Now comes the hardest part though I think; easy editing of the cameras... But now that we have them in JSON format, editing is made alot easier. Any idea about what the 'unknown' hex parts contain?
  12. Nice update Djey! Awesome that it now outputs "real" JSON formatted files! Also great that it didn't break the integration of TDUF in my BTRQ editor :p:clap:
  13. Haha, everybody has their own thing they like and together that's what makes a community :). You might still need TDUPE for the engine performance, because as I said in my post, the max torque does not seem to be affected much by the .btrq curves. Very interested in what people like you can find out about the .btrq effects!
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