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  1. My game is in German, not in Russian xD The reason is that I bought the game ten years ago in an Austrian store (cause I am from Austria). I tried a lot of tricks to switch the game to English but to no avail. Personally, I doubt that I'll find a cheap English copy on eBay or something and I sure as hell am not gonna illegally download a game I legally own. Hope you liked the episode still :-p
  2. Hey guys, I decided to grow a pair and start a let's play series for TDU, based on this mod collection. Here's the link to the first episode, let me know what you think of it :) best regards! Money To Blow And Races To Win - Test Drive Unlimited LP #1 - YouTube
  3. Miha2795: 2013 Lamborghini Veneno - Lamborghini - Test Drive Unlimited - ??????? ?????? - HF Garage - ?????????? ??????? ??????????? Here ya go.
  4. May I offer some more cars to add to the game? *Ferrari 250 TestaRossa *DeTomaso Pantera *Maserati Birdcage *Ferrari 488 Coupé and Spider *LaFerrari Aperta *Jaguar F Type (Type R or SVR) / Project 7 *Lotus Evora
  5. Since we're on the topic of adding cars, could you maybe include the F12 TDF, 812 SuperFast and 2017 Ford GT?
  6. I have a question. I resetted my game, reinstalled it etc. Now I installed the ten custom cars and after installing the physics or building them on my own, a Porsche I installed is lacking wheels and makes a constant revving noise in the car dealership. Any idea how to fix this? I checked everything and the stats etc all seem to be just dandy. Help?
  7. Since I'm an annoying little bugger, I wanted to ask if it's possible to sort of rewire the car classes a bit. As posted before, I'm fiddling with the price and rarity, but some class assignments are not logical in my opinion. What I mean is that it's been bugging me (both about the vanilla and community pack) that there are some cars that are clearly in the wrong class. For example, the 959 is a legendary classic, but with 3.7 seconds to hundred and 199 mph top speed it ought to be in class B, not G (reverse logic: if the 959 is in G, why is the F40 in B?). The same goes for all those AMG-Mercs that hit hundred in 4.2 or less, run well past 300 kmh and are in class D and not C like the 65 AMG. Now, I know that I can change all of this in TDUPE, but many races will crash as the bots in those races can't use their assigned cars because they're now in a different class - and that's the problem, is there a workaround? All the best and keep cruising.[COLOR="Silver"] --- Post Updated --- @thechickeneater [/COLOR]Don't forget the M3 E92 into the M3 GTS, the C63 AMG (I think) into the Brabus/Wald version or the NSX Type S into the NSX-R GT, among others
  8. Yes I know, for once I haven't tinkered with the DB-files, I only used TDU PE. As for the classic car status, I know, I have noticed. Is there a way to randomise the configurations? One of the few things I dislike about TDU is not being able to change the rims and interior.
  9. Hey guys, I'm working on something. Milli, I hope I have permission to alter your car pack because that's precisely what I've done. As I am a perfectionist, I want my TDU to be as realistic as possible. I not only am altering all the car prices to be as realistic as possible (based on new car prices for still-in-production cars and auctions for hyper-cars and classics) but I also am working on the rarity. It always annoyed me a bit that once I saved up 650k (3.3 million now)$ for an Enzo, I could just waltz into the next Ferrari dealership and buy one. Welp, not anymore. An Enzo is a car that's limited to 400 cars, which means, that it now has a rarity of 0.04 - or 4%. I base this on the concept of "10k cars = 100% rarity, 100 cars or less of one model = 1% rarity". I know, that makes the game a lot harder and more of a game based on patience, but let's be honest, TDU is very easy except for a few events. Anyhow, in case you guys are interested, I will share this project. The problem is, I only have not yet figured out HOW. Do I simply need to compress the database-folder and paste it here or do I need to do something more than that to have the price-change and rarity-change have an effect on your game? Does someone know? All the best and keep cruising!
  10. @Milli It works now, thanks sis! Three more questions before I finally stop being a nuisance: A) can I replace every car in your pack the same way as with the custom cars? For example, can I simply copy and override the Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 files with those of an Alfa Romeo 4C and just change the name and physics in TDUPE? B) How exactly does one create tuning kits? Making space for the cars in their tuned state is logical, but then? I'm asking because, for example, I want my M3 E92 to have the option at the tuner's to become the M3 GTS. I have too install the M3 GTS files, and then...? C) does the tutorial for adding even more slots to the game still work with your pack or is the hard-cap of possible cars reached? Thanks for your answers!
  11. I resetted the changes though. Right now game is de facto your DB/carpack + the models with some physics but no names of the cars I want to install, that's all.
  12. Well, tried it on the 911 Turbo S 991 that I want to install, but that doesn't work either. [ATTACH]28391[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28392[/ATTACH]
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