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  1. Ok so I worked around the issue by changing some other bike's brand to Triumph. Not feeling guilty, the AI used the other bike as well, but lost when there wasn't anything hindering my max speed. Weird issue though, not sure if Platinum specific. BTW shoutout to guys responsible for TDUF, which helped resolving my issue.
  2. Guys, I'm playing the Platinum mod and I want to complete all the challenges but I can't finish the Triumph Day race. The race ends with a long straight which I begin with fairly large advantage over the rest of the pack, but for some bizarre reason my bike seems to have arbitrary top speed limit kicking in there, leading to opponents catching up and overtaking before the finish line. It's very unnerving and frustrating, especially since some vehicles are actually locked behind completing all challenges of each type. Does anybody have some solution or at least can confirm having the
  3. Maybe you can make a workaround with something like vJoy. Not sure if you'll get force feedback this way though.
  4. Thanks a lot. That made it much better. That said, I feel the reflections are still a bit too mirror-like. But maybe I'm just spoiled with new games, TDU has 14 years after all and with all the mods it looks great for how old it is.
  5. Hey everybody! I'm enjoying the Platinum patch very, very much! It made me return to the game after a few years and remember how great the handling is in TDU and how great it is to drive around an actual, realistic (and gorgeous) location. I have a question though. Is it possible to reduce the shine on the cars? On most of them it's a bit excessive, not realistic at all IMO. Is there a setting that handles this or is it something that's coded in each car model?
  6. Just came by to say I'm very grateful for bringing the best PC racing game of all time back to life. I hope this project will continue to develop so we can once again enjoy full multiplayer experience of TDU at some point, but what has been achieved so far is already no less than magnificent! :clap: One question - is any form of racing against other players working so far? I noticed I can challenge players in free-roam mode but I haven't got any luck with responses so far and I'm not sure if this feature works.
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