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  1. Did anyone have graphics problem with windshield? In my case replacing files glass.db/glass_i.db in car's BNK didn't change anything. [ATTACH]27635[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27636[/ATTACH]
  2. Yes it's true. But some will work terribly. I generally replace BTRQ file only when a new car has a problem with automatic gear shifting (e.g. sometimes new car can't shift up because of rpm limit of replaced car). For favourite cars I create completely new BTRQ files, because in TDUPE you can set only maximum power and torque parameters. To get closer to the real behaviour of the car, you must tell the game how the car works from the initial rotation up to the redline, and the BTRQ file is responsible for that. My TDU experience tells me that the game reads quite accurately lines of power and rpm from BTRQ, but this file it's not the only source of information for the game. To set cars perfectly I was trying to find that another, but unsuccessfully. In fact, to have a good fun BTRQ Editor is enough tool for me in terms of power & rpm settings.
  3. Problem solved with your advise, tnx Minime891 (it was so simple that I'm surprised I didn't figured it out by myself ;) ).
  4. Hello guys. Very useful tool, but it's obvious so to the point: everything was going well until I found a car without BTRQ file in its BNK (Maserati 300S by TDUZoqqer). Any ideas where else can I look for this? [ATTACH]27500[/ATTACH]
  5. Something is wrong now, link above leads to "2015 BMW M6 F13.rar" file, not Mercedes 560SEC...
  6. Ok, problem solved. Your way works great. I've added a new slot in brands.db file according to the DMC ID values from the database. After that DMC brand become available on the manufacturer list in TDUMT and ready to choose. Tnx for help and good luck with the project!
  7. rebelinho, thx for your engagement. Tob-Racer, so I wait for the effects of your "experiments" and at the same time try to solve the problem by trial-and-error method.
  8. Yes, of course. I've read different topics in the forum and now I wonder, maybe it is simply a matter of adding a new brand (DMC or DeLorean) to the TDUMT car manufacturer list? Because eg. DMC name is already in the game - I see it when I open TDUMT \ DB Resources \ Brands, ID 75778357 and ID 75738337.
  9. I also use TDUMT but changing model name or version is not a problem, I can easily change them in both TDUMT and TDUPE. Just can't change the brand (in TDUMT it calls "Manufacturer"). EDIT: TDUPE allows me to select from a list DMC brand, but program doesn't find that name (it shows inscription "resource not found" like on the attached screen) and in effect game crash when I try to launch it. On the other hand TDUMT doesn't includes DMC brand on the manufacturer list at all. DeLorean brand also doesn't exist there - at least for me, version 1.16.1.
  10. Hello everyone. I use TDUPE for years, so far there were no problems until now. I decided to add to the game DeLorean DMC in a free slot. All great, but I can't only change the name to DMC. I can select a name from the list (program provides it), but when saving then that name is not displayed properly. It looks like this: [ATTACH]23508[/ATTACH] Any ideas?
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