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  1. Fair enough :') will wait a few hours/days/weeks/months until the zombie servers come back up, and then I'll finally register the DLC lol. At least I've got the tokens through anyway. That in and of itself was a complete mission. For anyone who wants to know, all of the DLC costs 2,000 tokens in total and there's a 2,000 token pack you can buy. So if you're reading this from the future when the servers are back up... Go for the 2k token pack
  2. So I finally managed to buy the Atari tokens I needed and bought all the DLC for TDU2 on the Atari store. For those of you having problems with that step, the only web-browser that the Atari store token purchasing system seems to work with is a 'stock' (default) version of Firefox version 25 or lower with NO ad-blocking extensions such as Ad-Block Plus installed. Unfortunately, when I try to log in using an 'online' profile connected with my Atari/TDU2 login account, I can't get past the "press start" screen where it says that the servers are down after hanging for about a minute. Because I can't connect to the server, the server can't accept that I have bought the DLC and therefore append it to my game. If I try to use an offline profile, obviously the offline profiles aren't hooked up to the Atari/TDU2 account and therefore I still can't get my DLC cars. How do I activate the DLC on an offline profile? Currently only offline profiles work. If this is impossible I will just reverse the transaction via PayPal and leave the now closed company even more out of pocket for trying to scam me :') freakin' absolute bunch of thieves Thanks for any help you can provide...
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