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  1. why? because i play offline and need a few millions ... and i dont want to cheat, just do instant challenge A2 against A2 and earn more than just 2000$, so i like to change the accepted bet to 50.000$ (still need 20 wins per 1million) and same for "tour around hawai", driving nearly an hour for just a few $ ..... no, if i drive for a an hour i want a real price for the win
  2. thx for fast reply no probelms with de/encrypt files with tdudec i have checked both files before; SystemPC dont let me change anything about ai GamePC; i cannot find an entry about instant challenges the only thing i tryed to change was "setTraceSize", which seems to be default 500 and in my it is 2000 (have inofficial Patch0.4 & TeleportAnywhere+DevEditor) but this change doesnt have any influence on instant challenges edit: in unofficial Patch 0.4 they change rewards for winning cup challenges, so there must be a file to change! just like to know which one!
  3. Hey! I need help with some basic moddding. I try to change the amount i can bet against NPCs in offline modus. At the moment they only accept 2.000$. ich want to change it to max. 50.000$. I try to change "aibotpers.xml" in EURO/BNK/database and there the line " bet_level= " in the file there is bet_level="0.500" to bet_level="2.000" but if i change it to bet_level="50.000" nothing happens ingame, still only accept 2.000$ bets in instant challenges. and another small questions: which files contain the settings for the races? i want to change the amount off credits for the "around hawai" race to 100.000$ thx for help in advance
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