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  1. It's perfect now. Thank you so much! [ATTACH]29979[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29980[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29981[/ATTACH]
  2. Wow. This just made my day. Thank you so much! Hate to push my luck, but could you perhaps make the taillight darker or just make it orange? Right now it is a bit difficult to see the brake light when the taillight is also on, since both of them are in exactly the same red colour.
  3. Could you fix the lights? I can donate to your PayPal link.
  4. First of all, I apologize for posting my request here. I would need at least 10 other posts to put anything under "Mod Request", but did not want to spam people with inconsequential remarks. The Aston's taillight positions are inaccurate in the game, which puts the brake lights in the position of the regular taillights and vice versa. Could someone please switch the positions of the lights so that the orange portion (please keep the red colour; orange here is just for highlighting) in the picture should light up given the right circumstances? [ATTACH]29537[/ATTACH]
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