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  1. What if you follow this guide? Would the cars Forza Horizon 3 have better quality? http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/34704-forza-horizon-3-how-to-unpack-modelbin-files?p=604432#post604432
  2. All the cars are cool, I like the supersports because it has more acceleration. example... Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 > Lamborghini Galalrdo LP 570-4 > Toyota Supra Twin Turbo > Ferrari F12berlinetta > Ferrari F430 > Nissan R34 GT-R > McLaren 650S Spider > Lamborghini Murciellago LP670/4 > BMW M5 > BMW I8 > Lamborghini Sesto Elemento > Lykan Hypersport > Koenigsegg CCX > Koenigsegg Agera R > Mclaren P1 Hybrid > Porsche 918 Spider > Pagani Zonda R > Lamborghini Veneno > Ferrari Laferrari > Ferrari FXX (not evoluzione) &g
  3. Wow, how fast you are !!! Amazing your work, very grateful for all your effort in record time. [ATTACH]27997[/ATTACH] Thank you very much!!!
  4. Hmmm, I do not know why? My cpu 2.4GHz i5 460 m, 4gb ram, ati5870 m .... [ATTACH]27985[/ATTACH]
  5. Hello Knyazev, In my case, I have never had any problems with Launcher 3.5, other than CPU consumption. Thanks for your cooperation, we will wait for other users to take a test.
  6. create a folder on windows type game, and install all your games on it. Then you should give permission, or make exceptions for your antivirus not to delete because the launcher uses a false positive to tdu2's security. The same should be done in the firewall, then you will not have any more problems. I sent a PM.
  7. Hi friend, I did a little test and noticed a bug in the Ferrari F430 scuderia. But thanks for the work.
  8. Thank you for yet another amazing job !!! I enjoyed all, but ... The Porsche 918 SpyderIUHUUU !!! Incredible acceleration and sound, very, very good ... Please if possible, do the same work to other models Porsche? And why not, extend to other models Super Sport, would be possible in the future?!? Anyway I could not fail to thank you again, and tell guys you are a genius !!!
  9. Simply, this is the most beautiful car of all the TDU2 mods (my style), sorry but I could not resist, thank you for yet another wonderful job. once again, thank you.!
  10. yes, renamed rkspyder file, but the wheels were built ... weird, I know the correct model would be the RT12 but .. 1- ok cockpit 2 sound ok 3- driving ok Error wheel bug? I know the correct model would be the RT12 but ..please !!! It would be much better if the spyder ruf of course if possible. Thanks!
  11. Hello I am new here, I wonder if it would be possible to adapt this incredible model Porsche Spyder 918, instead of the RUF RT12, for Porsche RUF Syder, as did an attempt (though some bugs) and supreendeu me to drive, I more pleasant sound and driving, the Porsche RUF RT 12, seems very slippery walking on the track with soap. many thanks to all modders and forum members in advance and particularly the (Star GT) for sharing their creativity and genius. Sorry bad English.
  12. Amazing talent, that I'm looking for and I think that is the best way for this great game, ubstituir older cars for more current models because the database does not allow. thank you for this anymore.
  13. hello community and boys like to acknowledge the work and talent of all to help this wonderful work of mods. so that was it and I noticed that only by changing the database changed the mods, but still was buggy. Sorry mitkop81, bartkrmaer excuse my bad english (use google tradutor) Ok! Thank you for the answer.
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