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  1. soap1907

    Rule Work-Shop

    An awesome RS7! :clap: Well, do you think making Audi A5 (4 Door)? :nuts:
  2. Zoqqer, I am thankful for your video. I have learned what I will do. But I had to watch these videos as x0,25 speed on YouTube. :nods: And I have a few questions. 1- What will I do with the textures? How can I load them on to car model? 2- How can I make the interior? If you answer, I will be thankful again. :)
  3. Great one!:clap:
  4. soap1907

    Rule Work-Shop

    Man, when will they be released? I am impatient for RS5, M3 and RS6 ABT. :drool:
  5. soap1907

    Rule Work-Shop

    I don't know you can convert mods from GTA 5. But there is Chiron mod for it. Link: Bugatti Chiron for GTA 5 :)
  6. I made it man, you're great! THANKS! :clap:
  7. I need it, too. Can any one upload TDU UT?
  8. soap1907

    Rule Work-Shop

    Rule, Jaguar C-X75 is amazing! :drool:
  9. That's clear; I have to adjust about 15 places for M4s. Great car, Thanks! :clap:
  10. Great one. :clap: Will you make a stock version for the M4? :drool:
  11. Kurt, what happened to tdu-clan? I think, it was a successful project. :sulk:
  12. Yeah man, I agree with TDU_Gamer. Can you or anyone show us how to create or convert this cars?
  13. Dear Modders, I am willing to make or convert car mods for TDU. But I don't know how I can make. If someone can capture a video for this, I will be helper to Turboduck with my mods. And if there is a video for it, can you send me its link. THANKS! :)
  14. Dear modders, I am thankful for M4 and i8. Now, I think this car will be pretty in TDU. I request and I suggest it. There are GTA SA mods for this. And I have one more request. Bugatti Chiron is an amazing car. There are GTA SA and GTA V mod for this.
  15. A new beauty car! :clap:
  16. What a car, what a modder! :clap:
  17. Sourkho, you have banned but I always will follow you and your mods. You made my favorite cars for TDU and their mods are as beautiful as their reals. I am thankful. I hope, see you soon. :clap::sulk:
  18. One more amazing car! Great! :clap:
  19. Rule, you are one of the biggest Modder. Congrats and Thanks! :clap:
  20. So.... What do you think? Released sourkho: 2014 BMW i8 | turboduck forum :)
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