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  1. Would be great if you could add sl65 black series sound mod by zebukas and yes i've double checked this, black series in tdu platinum uses another sound and please dont say it is sound by Zebukas, because its not, just check it yourself.
  2. Look I’m not earless and I can hear the difference. Both: regular and black series sl65 is another sound, not the sound on his YouTube channel. What file name is it in game directory?
  3. Ok I can confirm now that black series has different sound from regular sl65 but it is NOT the sound by Zebukas.
  4. Slot - 3005 mod - kurt E63 amg files - TDUCP_3005.bnk TDUCP_3005_I.bnk TDUCP_3005_F_01.bnk TDUCP_3005_audio.bnk --- Post Updated --- Oh i forgot to add the rear rims! Thanks for the reply!
  5. Hi Djey! After the last update(beta-7) im having troubles adding new cars. Im doing everything right (adding new car to the dealer) and the car appears in the dealer but its invisible! And the game crashes when im trying to purchase the car. What im doing wrong?
  6. Lapula500

    Rule Work-Shop

    Then im waiting for this Maser! And thank you!
  7. Lapula500

    Rule Work-Shop

    Model from Assetto Corsa?
  8. That is very sad and disappointing. I was waiting for that m4 so bad! Hope you will find motivation to mod again soon.
  9. Lapula500

    Rule Work-Shop

    Make 7-speed with actual gear ratios and corrected top speed. 8 gear is not using anyway, it is using only for efficiency to reduce fuel consumption but not to achieve top speed.
  10. Lapula500

    Rule Work-Shop

    Audi RS6 Avant
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