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  1. It not released. We'll hope Rassva let us know if Zoqqer finish it. Who knows...
  2. Ok,man! Once again what do we have: 1.I got problems since i reistall my windows xp (moreover it was after 9.02.2017). 2. I've reinstalled TDU more than 100000000000 times,so I'm not worry about my database 3. patch 1,67 - 1,68 - 2,00 - different toilet same lalalalala -nothing changes - still "current mod can't be installed with modandplay" as a bonus: after installing vehicles manually i'm losing the logos on a trunk and anoher places I have no idea what happens,because everything worked perfectly/It drives me crazy:cry:
  3. I sent you my 1.67d patch.log and ModandPlay debug file,There are some errors. How can I restore a database backup?
  4. Hi,Djey. I think my private messages can't reach you:( So can you PM your e-mail,I can send you my ModAndPlayDebug file. Thank you so much!!!
  5. Anyone solved this problem? I've reinstall my Windows XP,I got Framework 2.0, but the now i got "current mod can't be installed with modandplay". Never had this problem before.(((((:jealous:
  6. Officially not!But Zoqqer sent it to few guys on forum to test it just like LB 458
  7. Thank you,man. But I'm trying to find all Zoqqer's mods,even mods that was lost by Zoqqer (I mean Siracussa,etc.). SO GUYES, IF YOU HAVE ONE - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! Let's keep "the legacy of Zoq" together.:)
  8. Same problems with 300S,only manual installation or game crashes. Thanks for fixing GTO, it's really HOT!!!! Bravo maestro!
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