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  1. Ok,man! Once again what do we have: 1.I got problems since i reistall my windows xp (moreover it was after 9.02.2017). 2. I've reinstalled TDU more than 100000000000 times,so I'm not worry about my database 3. patch 1,67 - 1,68 - 2,00 - different toilet same lalalalala -nothing changes - still "current mod can't be installed with modandplay" as a bonus: after installing vehicles manually i'm losing the logos on a trunk and anoher places I have no idea what happens,because everything worked perfectly/It drives me crazy:cry:
  2. I sent you my 1.67d patch.log and ModandPlay debug file,There are some errors. How can I restore a database backup?
  3. Hi,Djey. I think my private messages can't reach you:( So can you PM your e-mail,I can send you my ModAndPlayDebug file. Thank you so much!!!
  4. Anyone solved this problem? I've reinstall my Windows XP,I got Framework 2.0, but the now i got "current mod can't be installed with modandplay". Never had this problem before.(((((:jealous:
  5. Thank you,man. But I'm trying to find all Zoqqer's mods,even mods that was lost by Zoqqer (I mean Siracussa,etc.). SO GUYES, IF YOU HAVE ONE - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! Let's keep "the legacy of Zoq" together.:)
  6. Same problems with 300S,only manual installation or game crashes. Thanks for fixing GTO, it's really HOT!!!! Bravo maestro!
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