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  1. I know, there are a lot of SweetFX/ENB mods there, but i'm really satisfied with my preset. :drool: Some screenshots: [ATTACH]23835[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23836[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23837[/ATTACH] Video comparison and gameplay: Screenshots and screenshot comparisons: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/4110/ The "mod". (MasterEffect Reborn Shaders with ReShade): Download link attached. How to install: Extract the files to the main folder of the game. I recommend other graphics mods like "New graphic intense" and "Dragozool's textures" for the best experience. They were used in the screenshots/video too.
  2. This game is rushed. Seriously, i enjoyed the F1 games back then in 90's than now. :rolleyes:
  3. Only played with ETS2. Good game if you have time and you like simulators. :eek: But i'm waiting for ETS3. They should just give more tools for modders and let them make the maps or something.
  4. EA won with Frostbite engine. Did you guys check the sound effects of Battlefront and BF games? Now imagine a racing game with those sound effects. :eek: This game will be some epic pineapple.
  5. Everyone was like, it will not look like this and now it's kinda close to it. Except for motion/animation. But they should make a larger game, because 40players is not too much. It will be just a fast paced infantry game, eh... I need an SW game like Planetside 2.
  6. It will be never better for years, because there will be always new and better ones which will make it expensive. But of course you will be able to buy older ones cheaper.
  7. Everyone is linking and i'm just waiting for my 20 posts to do it. :para:
  8. Finally, it looks like a doom game. (I mean Doom3...). But still missing some elements, maybe it's too "closed" (don't know the right word) like the third game.
  9. Damn sounds good and i didn't use it yet. :sulk:
  10. Nice pictures guys, was not expecting this quality. :eek:
  11. Worked for me great. If you have problem, patch the game to latest version and make sure it's the EU version.
  12. Good to see the changes, i was dissapointed in the game for the first time. :sulk:
  13. I'm not a big AAA gamer, so maybe Wildlands only. :drool: (Seriously, i'm totally fine with free and old games like Planetside 2, War Thunder, Rainbow Six vegas 2, Payday)
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