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    Put real names on containers. So an interesting mod for improve the reality.
    Aloha is a real brand from Hawai. So this mod upgrade the reality of the game. A must have.
  1. Hi Milli, I got a problem with the race "le rêve au bout des doigts" (dreams at top of your fingers???). The game crash (return to the desktop) when i click to start the race. Do you know how to solve this problem? Thank you in advance.
  2. Do you have nothing inside the Test Drive Unlimited folder? Maybe you got a problem with the downloaded file. suggest you to use a torrent. Another solution could be your antivirus what detected the exe as a virus and deleted it.
  3. I got a similar problem. In fact my antivirus (Bitdefender) erase the d3d9.dll each time. Could you check it?
  4. Mili, First, thank you again for this great work. It works fine. However, could we suggest you some modification for the future development? If yes, can I suggest you to use the Aloha gas station from MagicV8: Is it also possible to modify the name and the icture of the car salers? It's strange to see a showroom 'Pontiac' without any Pontiac's car. There are my suggestion. Thank you again for the work.
  5. Great news. I reinstall TDU. Thank you Mili
  6. Subaru? It looks like a clio II V6. I am teasing.
  7. Great Job Milli. This old Plymouth got an amazing look.
  8. Milli said the this project will be release when it will done. By the way, I wish an happy new year to all tdu1 fans
  9. Great Job!! All the performances will be made accordingly to the originals cars, isn't it?
  10. Hi Stephen95, If my memory is good. You just have to cancel when it seems freezed; and after to try to connect as a registered user.
  11. I know already that I'll buy the mustang in game. It looks great. Great works Milli
  12. I understand Milli. But I am so excited by your work, it's hard to wait. If you want make me a gift, please include this car: Released - 2CV SUPER GT : FACEL VEGA FACEL II - v1.2 It's an old french car; not very famous but so classy. ;-)
  13. I can't wait. Mili, please,when it will release???
  14. I recommend to ask te permission of the Facel Vega :o
  15. Impressive... Great work Amazing. I cannot wait for test it.
  16. Hi Milli, Could you give us any release date from your new pack? I am so exciting by your work. :loveit:
  17. Hi, Milli, is it possible to add this wonderful car: Facel Vega II?
  18. Hi, I got a trouble with this race: "Triumph day" [ATTACH]30390[/ATTACH] I am stuck on grid race: [ATTACH]30391[/ATTACH] Could you help me? Thank you in advance.
  19. Optional but good: I recommend this one (add day and night) http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/28979-djoytinnio-tdu-weather This one for add Aloha station (a real brand on Hawaï) http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/33157-magicv8-aloha-gas-station-hd
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