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  1. guys is there anyway to get the exploration pack and dlc2 now that the uplauncher isnt working anymore
  2. as the title states, i had to reinstall TDU2 but due to UPLauncher forever not working anymore, i have no way to download the exploration pack DLC and the DLC2, therefore all the DLC Cars i had are now bugged and the exploration pack blue and gold bomb missions are gone. can anybody help?
  3. i've tried uninstalling everything, deleting everything and starting over and this error message keeps coming up. its stopping me from running the unpacked game because that error blocks the program from opening the game itself. idk what to do, can someone help me fix this please? edit: never mind i just deleted all steam tdu2 files and reinstalled
  4. Hey guys. Downloaded kiborg-dva bowler nemesis this morning and it's amazing but its pretty much just a model that replaces the sport HSE. which is alright. but i thought it needed some performance tweaks....the end result was a monster that rips everything in B class a new one. on some sections (power lol) i took a few creative liberties but not too much. on the rest, i tried to keep as much to the actual Nemesis as possible, like with the tires and wheels size and etc. TQ @ RPM figure and such is a little bit siding on the performance side ;) but drive it and you'll see why... my reacti
  5. really nice! not a classic muscle fan but very nice work
  6. haha now we can play car soccer
  7. had a 01 740i for a while IRL. nice car. mod accurately represents it. good job.
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