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  1. Try it: Yandex.Disk
  2. semih4412, try it; Yandex.Disk
  3. I know they are not the same people. I thought, you just want the Maserati GT and GTS, I didn't think, who make is important. Also, I can download them. If you want, I can send you a new link.
  4. These are the mods of TDUZoqqer man, you can find Maserati GT and GTS right here: TDUZoqqers World! - Old Mods
  5. You can download it here. Rule is uploading his mods on hf-garage. 2013 Jaguar C-X75 - Jaguar - Test Drive Unlimited - Каталог файлов - HF Garage - творчеÑкое моддинг объединение
  6. I remember, if you install 2.00A, you can add 400 cars (without replace). But you can add 380 cars to you dealers. There is no place for more cars.
  7. Hi everyone! We have a lof ot modders. But no one shows how to make these mods. If someone shows how to convert a car from GTA SA to TDU, I will be thankful and I will join to between of modders. :happyroll: :)
  8. Thank you Djey. I added 88 car slots for my game.
  9. Hello. I am can17. I tried to install 1.68b. But It warned me. (like Krisman10) I changed my language to English, I installed 1.66a, 1.67d and car megapack. But I couldn't install 1.68b. When I run it, I selected "Run as administator". Nothing is working. Can you help me?
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