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  1. My product version says ""
  2. I put those files in the unpacked game and the message still pops up when I select that file path.
  3. I tried installing VPE and when it asks me to chose a file location for the root folder, I use the unpacked file. But a message pops up and says "Since 'TestDrive2.exe' is not at version v034, not be able to handle. (#8_1)". How do I fix this?
  4. It's okay, all I do is click "ok" on the error, then find the paths for tdu2 unpacked and tdudec, restart and it works. I just have to do that every time.
  5. It still says "The specified file was not found."
  6. Every time I launch TDU2VPE.exe it says "The specified file was not found." How do I fix this? --- Post Updated --- Also, my 302 cid Mustang can only go 43 mph tops, I have top speed set to 9999 and rpms max at 6400 stock. What is wrong?
  7. You could make it "max torque @ (box) rpm", same with power, just "max power @ (box) rpm". Also, could you explain how one would make a VTEC like effect?
  8. I have 6 questions, please respond in the same format to keep things simple: 1. Does "torque @rpm" mean that's when the torque is highest, aka what you input on "torque (NM)"? 2. Is there any way to make a VTEC like tune, so when you get to, lets say, 5000 rpm, it has a jump in power? 3. What is "engine damping" and "engine inertia", and what will raising/lowering the value do? 4. Does changing "engine size (cc)", "engine position", or "engine type" actually change anything? 5. It seems that the only value that changes the cars power in game is the "torque (NM)", does the horsepower not do anything? 6. When I let off of the clutch, the car goes to 0 rpm but doesn't turn off the car, it just accelerates as if it didn't happen, even if I hold the throttle wide open and release the clutch. Is there any way to make it like a real life manual car, where the take offs are smooth? And yes, this happens to every car, not just the ones I edit.
  9. So can you edit the F2012 or not? I really want to edit it and make it fast. If not, can someone give me a mod link to a good Formula 1 car that doesn't have buggy cameras and stupid engine sounds?
  10. Can you edit the F2008 or whatever the Ferrari Formula 1 racing car is?
  11. NVM, I think it finally worked! If I get on tomorrow and there's no problems, then idk what the problem was.
  12. Still didn't work. It pops up saying "the specified file was not found".
  13. When I open the VPE.zip, I'll click on iniLdr.exe and when it pops up, I click "okay", then it says "the specified file was not found". And I click okay and when it opens, I can't choose a make or model or anything.
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