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  1. Dear modders, I would enjoy a Buick Riviera 1971 in TDU1: I dig its stunning design! The first time I saw it in a video game, it was in "Driver - Parrallel Lines". Don't know if it exists in another game and if it could fit to TDU1. Here is in case this car web-magazine with stuff and photos. Cheers!
  2. I bought a box version 7 months ago on Amazon (.fr), it was a second hand version with the DVD and its activation code (don't forget to get it!). I checked out if there was still some dvds available, yes indeed, It's possible for you to get your legal copy for a low price. What Pator5 mentioned about Project Paradise is important, so yes you need a legal copy.
  3. @brSiRius: I didn't switch to hardcore mode yet, but for sure, I will be glad to try it soon! ingame name: Rustywheel, cya then :-) @Ryzza5: yes, I thought to learn a few easy words; I didn't do it properly yet, it's probably as difficult for me as english is for them.
  4. I don't have the Logitech software running in the background when I'm playing, I just opened it the very first time, linked/tuned it with TDU and the wheel, and that's it.
  5. Hi brSiRius, yes indeed maybe it's just something to do with the time. I saw you online just when I was leaving: I play (in my local time, france) generally in the evening, and it's in the early evening (6:00/7:00pm) that I see the more players, then it's progressively decreasing to a few players (11:00/12:00pm):sootired:
  6. I installed a G27 + the 0.01 fix for TDU 1.66A on my Win7: just great. * I remember also having downloaded the G27 updates (driver & profiler) on Logitech's site. Before that, I was really rowing with my pad..
  7. Thanks to Project Paradise, I'm one of these happy TDU1 players, @bSiRius: I don't know why you can't see the players on the map (internal bug in your config? I'm not good in computering to tell much more...) also, I could not say if there is still many people from the forum, but each time I play, there are 45/55 players and some became online mates. not sure if Win10 will help TDU1 with compatibility, but on Win 7 it's cool!
  8. Amazing mod for a very special car:thumbsup:, I enjoy it much, great add to the game!
  9. Yes you're right Carbon_Kid. I was just mentioning it from a tdu1 way (I forgot tdu2, but still play the 1)
  10. "A crowd sourced/funded TDU with a proper game studio behind it, creating it step by step with the community providing feedback all the way through the process and testing the builds (as SMS is doing with Projects CARS) sounds like a very good idea. How about that?" Yes, it could be an interesting alternative to the former studio/editor's wait-and-see. -More various type of challenges (for ex: off-road style) -Weather conditions developed
  11. New pics for sharing with you my fun in riding a Triumph on the island (especially since I got a proper wheel ;-) + some of cars I dig: Corvettes C1, C3, + mods of Chevy Corvair and Eagle Speedster (by Miha2795) [ATTACH]26112[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26113[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26114[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26115[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26116[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26117[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26118[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26119[/ATTACH]
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