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  1. hello...what happened..? why takes so long to release that full version of this patch..? you said thats ready...needs only very small adjustments...
  2. 1:73 is the last available for now as you can see above the next one is ready but not launched yet... so youre up with newest content
  3. just to clarify something... those mentioned above " 599xx, FF, 488 GTB, 360 stradale and Maranello + Giulia" are doubled with this pack or improved existing ones?? also...i still cant see F40...italian classic is bugged for me
  4. but...599xx, 488 GTB, 360 stradale and maranello are not already here?? or what do you mean...are just improved existing cars or replaced or...doubled?
  5. just search on google... https://www.google.ro/search?source=hp&ei=eKOkXMv9B-OImwXjya2oBQ&q=tdu2+all+dealership+locations&oq=tdu2+all+de&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0i203j0i22i30l6.206.7317..8956...3.0..0.158.1765.1j14......0....1..gws-wiz.....0..35i39j0i131j0j0i10j0i13j0i13i30.A5-ErPxkTY8
  6. yes yes, Lambo of course...i saw it in some version of UP wich is abandoned unfortunately....but its here, model exist waiting for its place im sure that spaces problem will be solved in future, ideas exist, need just time
  7. of course we are waiting for it !! :P especially with that realistic performance patch and few new interesting cars posted recently including Regera ( saw it ! someone made a mod wich allow its performance with only 1 gear...so its perfectly possible now) ah...and still waiting for Reventon...:whistle:
  8. and what that means ? what that means?? no more reasons to not put this beauty in autopack ! :D
  9. or...just wait for AutoPack updates wich include new cars :) slowly but surely...all those mods wich now replace something, lets hope will be added as addon cars
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