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  1. yes yes, Lambo of course...i saw it in some version of UP wich is abandoned unfortunately....but its here, model exist waiting for its place im sure that spaces problem will be solved in future, ideas exist, need just time
  2. of course we are waiting for it !! :P especially with that realistic performance patch and few new interesting cars posted recently including Regera ( saw it ! someone made a mod wich allow its performance with only 1 gear...so its perfectly possible now) ah...and still waiting for Reventon...:whistle:
  3. Splia

    VRSIMPERIUM: Koenigsegg Reagera 2016

    and what that means ? what that means?? no more reasons to not put this beauty in autopack ! :D
  4. Splia

    How not to replace cars ?

    or...just wait for AutoPack updates wich include new cars :) slowly but surely...all those mods wich now replace something, lets hope will be added as addon cars
  5. i mean the car itself looks great, thats a very nice idea for a new car (my style, my kind of cars :D), sure, it can be improved but the basics are here, thats important. Just work with others from AutoPack, finetune and improve those nice cars (like Rimac, Bentley, Centenario, this one...and more high performance cars or luxury) and will be a great adition for this game, for comunity ;) very appreciated. thx again for converting them, for creating basics :tup:
  6. for me this looks a bit far from Gold paint.. try something like this :P
  7. thats already the 3rd mod of this car if im not mistaken?.. wich one will be added? :)
  8. wohoo !!! cant wait for this beauty in autopack :giggle: not as a replacement, of course :D excellent job as always ! :tup:
  9. Splia

    StarGT : 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 Spyder

    not as a replacement? Yes please ! :P
  10. for me works too...worked before, works now...everything is fine..
  11. Splia

    TDU2 AutoPack and Texmod

    maybe this...: Kaspersky VirusDesk i ran recently a routine scan with Malwarebytes and launcher was found AGAIN infected...i decided to scan more and same result...
  12. well...thats true..didnt noticed this and thats even better...because means if StarGT touch this mod and improve it will be just perfect :D Rough mod is here so half of work is done and with proffesional modders from here..will be a top one. Thats the idea :p
  13. eh...you underestimate yourself.. if you think that can be improved thats even better...no hurry anyway...but just dont delete it from autopack list :D i dont mean that i expect it in next pack..but in future versions..:P
  14. why... its good as a replacement for Tricolore or Cinque...because are 99% same cars...no need to be a completely new car