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  1. StarGT, how about these one? BMW 7: BMW 750i xDrive Sedan '16 TDU2, The Crew, Assetto Corsa, Grid AutoSport, project C.A.R.S , free 3D car models,Ìîäû äëÿ tdu 2 And maybe you cann add the ferrari testarossa to patch. There's a good model from forza 3. What do you think about it?
  2. You're welcome. ;) Maybe you can try to download with a different browser (chrome, opera). I'm using firefox and gave it a try and it works for me. Do you have an antivirus program activated? Some alert you that programs like this are virusses altough they aren't. Maybe this helps.
  3. Yes, i deleted the programs since no one seems to give a damn about it. I'll upload it for you guys again. ;) Just click the link in my previous post and enjoy.
  4. Since there is a rare supply of new mods I'm messing around to do my own. I'm working with StarGTs tutorial. Problem: Everytime I try to import a 3dg file from TDU2 I only see the nodes. No meshes. It happens with ZM 2.4 and 2.6. Can someone help? Maybe StarGT itself? :P
  5. For me it's not. But some antivirus programs alert a false virus for programs like cheat engine. How I said, it's the original version from vtestdrive.ru. I don't think, that they will offer viruses there. But use at own risk. I'm using the program for months and didn't have a problem with it.
  6. Awesome work guys. Really love the porsche. Good to see that the modding scene isn't completely dead there. Is there any chance that you add a Ferrari Testarossa or the latest model of the BMW 7 series?
  7. The link isn't dead but you have to register on that site. I put the program into my dropbox. You can download it from there. Note that that's rhe program that I downloaded from vtestdrive.ru. So it isn't a virus or something like that. I added two other programs that are useful for car customization. If you have questions, just ask. Camber mod: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9414193/TDU2%20Mod%20Tools/TDU2%20CamberMod.EXE Mod for changing rim/tire size: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9414193/TDU2%20Mod%20Tools/TDU2%20Settings%20wheels.EXE Useful tool to a
  8. Hey guys, is there any modder who can convert a 3D model of the named car for TDU2? Here's a link to the 3D model: BMW 750i xDrive Sedan '16 TDU2, The Crew, Assetto Corsa, Grid AutoSport, project C.A.R.S , free 3D car models,Ìîäû äëÿ tdu 2 Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey guys. can someone convert the 512 testarossa to TDU2? There's even a mod for TDU(1). I would be very thankful if someone could release a testarossa mod for TDU2.
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