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  1. I have what is hopefully a stupid question. I have been playing TDU2 for about a year, but have never been able to play it online. I just assumed that since Atari killed Eden it stopped supporting the game and that was the way it was. Lately, though, I've been reading about how others have been playing online. I use the Universal Launcher (recently upgraded to 3.6), but even if I select "Play Online" - I'm still offline no matter what. I've checked all my firewall settings and both the launcher and TDU2.exe have been added as exceptions. How to I enable online play, assuming it is indeed possible? TIA!
  2. But I like the China Edition! If you do end up replacing it, would it be possible to include the China Edition sticker for the vanilla 599 GTB with the release?
  3. Just wanted to log in once again to say thanks to StarGT and the rest of the team for their continued work on this project. One day, I'd love to see a 'luxury' pack based on models such as your Continental GT, S65, CTS-V, Phantom, Quattroporte - that kinda thing. A boy can dream! edit - Also, just wanted to say I changed the 320i to AWD and offroad, and now it's literally the most fun car to drive in the game! First car I think that I can drift with reliably using stock physics.
  4. Just wanted to register and say thanks for continuing to support this game. Loved it a while ago, and now I get to play it again with my son with a whole new experience. Keep up the great work guys!
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