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  1. I just hope they bring back Hawaii with Oahu, i mean its a Test Drive title and maybe like in unlimited 2 another island like Corse in the Mediterranean Sea or something smaller
  2. https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/27/test-drive-unlimited-3-reveal-next-month-12616154/
  3. My favourite car is the Pagani Huayra, the only problem is the sound, it is a bit too load But keep on working this, the hole project is great
  4. I just noticed that my dodge viper srt10 ACR drives with highest tuning level 401km/h vmax, is this normal?? :kbsmash:
  5. very nice mod i like it much :thumbsup: but there is an issue with the lights, they are a bit dark:wise:
  6. whats about an amg gt / gt s / gt r to replace the sls?
  7. I will not install this mod, because i won't replace it with an a2 car. But it's really nice work:clap:
  8. Sure replace it with an a2 car thats really realistic
  9. Why does the M4 has the gallardo superleggera sound? Is there a sound mod comming? And who the hell needs this nissan 300zx its old and ugly but thats just my opinion. Okay maybe i am to young to see that car as an icon but there are way more beutiful, same old cars wich are faster, technically better and way more better than this rice bowl. :hide:
  10. Yes i meant the v12 zagato mod from facebook. You can color it easily but if you leave the paint shop its darker and paler. It's the same on the lamborghini sesto elemto where the lights are also a bit dark and pale.
  11. Oh yes i will like the new car pack a lot :excited: There is already a v12 zagato mod but there is an issue with the lights and the color.
  12. You need to go to the Asian Dealer on Hawaii Often Dealers are divided, half of the cars on ibiza and half of the cars on Hawaii
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