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  1. So ... i've made a so called sound mod (wich can be found here btw :Released BMW M6 Sound Mod by VIOLATOR | turboduck forum) and i'm very unhappy with it :-x. I took the samples from some extracted sounds of NFS Shift 2 , with the same segments (low, mid, high) , readjusted the loops and tried to remove the clicking sound. But the MAJOR PROBLEM is that i don't know how to armonise loops, so the transitions between them can go smoothly. If some sound modder sees the video and maybe tests the sound , i'm still here waiting for an answer . Thnx.
  2. Hi, this is my first attempt in sound modding and...trust me it's not perfect :) In fact it is more like a start point for me from wich i hope to increase my knowledge from your feedback and tips. SOUND FOR BMW M6 : http://www.mediafire.com/download/r33ocrwuj8d74jg/BMW+M6+sound.zip VIDEO PREVIEW :
  3. Cute, little, and fast bug. Thanks Pator5 !
  4. Hi VIOLATOR, the only way you can make sound mods is by learn it by yourself, nobody will ever help you . There are no sound modders left, all gone fishing :) .
  5. :hello::crying: Bye Bye :crying: :hello: ...but where are you going now? Later edit : thnx for the info MagicV8
  6. I'll be honest... I'm very very frustrated. And that's because i cannot make a darn decent sound mod for TDU. I've read EVERY tutorial on turboduck and all of the known internet and still no good results. What i'm interested in, is how to make perfect loops and transitions. So my question : Is there any sound modder still alive (or not:) ) who can explain me (or make a clear tutorial here) what is his tecnique of making those loops and transitions ? ANY help will be apreciable, so help me please because i need to give something back to this comunitty after taking so many mods from it. Yours sincerely VIOLATOR.
  7. too much silence... what are you doing there Mr. Driver:TDU ? You abandoned us ?
  8. Awesome car. I don´t know anything about this car. Good job
  9. Nice car man!!! Thanks for everything
  10. Darn, those frontlights are looking so realistic. I'm not too much a oldies lover but as a bmw fan, this model is a must have.
  11. M6 the sexyest BMW model known to man :drool:
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