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  1. Hi all, I've come across a bug that's preventing me from increasing my discovery score. I have the Steam version of TDU2 and installed the Unofficial Patch v0.4.1. After this I unpacked it and installed AutoPack 1.8. Finally, I edited the GamePC.cpr file to unlock all roads. When I go to the profile's 'Discovery' section, it shows my discovery points as being "-1990114338/14500" and my events percentage as being "-249645%". In the events objectives menu, there are two events both titled "Win 4 additional events in area 0 on Ibiza ((ERR:3))" and three events titled "Win 3 additional events in area 0 on Hawaii ((ERR:3))". Everything else appears normal. Does anyone please know a fix for this, even if it's just to cheat/hack the discovery level? Thanks.
  2. Hello, just made my account and holy crap do you seem loke a jolly bunch! And that is my whole forum succes criteria ticked!
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