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  1. The last game to give me proper jump scares and prolonged moments of nailbiting tension was aliens versus predator from 2000. Dat facehugger :eek:
  2. Something I found helpful was to "go back" one step from the auction and go to "my bids" instead. It seemed to keep the auctions better updated and easier to compete in bidding wars at the last minute.
  3. Regarding the auction house as experienced on xbone I've won many auctions. But if there's something cheap with one minute to go you can expect a lot of bidding. Perhaps even sniping ;) And if you try to bid but someone just slipped past you in line for that amount your bid will not be valid anymore. Not the best solution, but that's my experience of the auction house. It may differ on the pc version, not sure.
  4. Put it out as a 12 hour auction, some madman bought for one million credits in like two seconds. People be craycray
  5. If we go by the FM6 rivals/time trials rules of yesteryear the winner of the weekly challenge choose a track/vehicle on sunday so the moderators can update on monday. And you don't get to choose more than once in a row. If the previous winner wins two in a row the runner-up selects the second week. Liked that concept
  6. I'll start posting times in next week's challenge.
  7. Maybe a new challenge series for Asseto Corsa, pretty sure I'll pick it up to xbone :)
  8. Back in action on thursday, if you want to extend this into a twoweek challenge I'll gladly try to knock down Softie :)
  9. Might miss this week, sidelined with stomach flu and the Xbox is not at home )= If I recover in time a time will most likely be set on saturday.
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