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  1. Haha, completely forgot about it, I didn't edit for some time... thanks ^^
  2. Maybe it's time to delete extra traffic then lol ^^ as of traffic that driving into me it's something different. Sometimes I just drive on one side of road which is separated from second side by metal road barrier, ^ not sure how it's named in english, and they might still drive into you xD even though they shouldn't have access to this side of road because barrier blocks it... no idea why is that happening. They are literally spawning on this wrong side of road, it's not that common but still not cool experience. Edit: could you please show me your traffic folder? I mean list or
  3. Hmmm, yeah that might be reason, my fault for overlooking that fact. You are right, I didn't want to update because of changes I made. Sorry my bad ^^ At least now it's working fine, there is rarely invisible cars and some confused traffic cars which can drive to you on wrong side of the road but it's vanilla game issues I am pretty sure. Disappearing traffic was most frustrating for me...
  4. I am playing only offline, so yes, might be that. I am sure I did install your bike fix because I have all Community pack files in one folder destined to be always ready to install whenever I want in future with step by step instruction how to install it including step with bikes fix. Triumph day doesn't crush for me. Okay, so I've checked files and it is veeery weird... first of all bikes fix is replaced with my edited TDU_Bots.db. because I was editing cars performance BUT it should still have similar data because I applied bike fix to it before. I have checked your bot fix a
  5. I was adding and replacing some cars, so it might be problem with car I have added/replaced, I can't tell though. I have this bugged bot line: 53477256;53473256;620091918;1;1;1208897332;0;0.5; I don't remember where to check car ID so I can't check properly.
  6. Hey, might sound stupid, because I know it is easy but just forgot how to check modded cars ID and their folder name, someone tell me please ^_^ I think there was such option in TDUMT but it seems like I lack some options in this program? I think there was more options to choose and one of them let you check such things (car folder name, ID...)
  7. I am posting this, since there was some people who had this bugg too. It turned out that one of bots were bugged and only this one bot was a reason of disappearing traffic. In my case it was 79th bot (line) in TDU_Bots.db. I just removed him from list, changed "list items" to one less, replaced TDU_Bots.db. using TDUMT. (to edit TDU_Bots.db. you need to drop it on "TDUUT") Now traffic doesn't disappear and I got rid off one of worst buggs I had in game ;) Hope it helps someone.
  8. I didn't mean to say it was garbage. Like I said, it is really awesome pack which adds a lot of content with this amount of cars, but it's just not completed. Maybe you will complete it and make it perfect in Platinum version ;) Some bot/s might be source of traffic disappearance, I am just trying to find cause of the problem, since it's major bugg for me if traffic disappear and I am forced to restart a game in order to make it normal again, wouldn't bother me if it was rare, but it happens literally after 5-10 min of gameplay.
  9. All I was asking is number of bots in vanilla version, I didn't say your job is garbage, it was really good job, but just not completed. If this bugg doesn't appear in your game then how can you know deleting excess number of bots, won't fix this issue? if you don't have this bugg I feel good for you, I wish i didn't have this bugg. But there was people who already informed about this too, so I guess I am not alone... also FIY races still work, and I am planning to edit remaining bots so there will be equal number of them in each group. I will appreciate if someone tell me number of
  10. Why are you happy about it anyway? I mean it's your pack and it has major buggs, I would try to fix it if I were you instead of mocking people who are actually trying to fix those buggs and enjoy the game in full. I mean sure it's cool that you added so many cars to the game but so what if it has major buggs which make it almost unplayable... not to mention I had to fix all cars performances becaue 90% of cars are no where near their real-life performance. I also had to reduce amount of bots because few races in game simply didn't even work and terminated program when tried to get to race,
  11. I have no vanilla DB.bnk that's why I am asking :D I tested it and it actually work. I randomly deleted most of bots around 140 there was still bug. When I lowered it to 76 there was no bugg, I was driving different cars, teleporting on map, buying new cars etc. for 30minutes ;) so if someone can tell me how many bots are in vanilla I will be greatful. I prefer to have 90~ bots than 300 and bugged traffic... Edit: Well theoretically I have vanilla version but then I would be forced to reinstall game, and reinstall mods just to see bots number. Only copy of files I have is community patch
  12. Guys does anybody know how many bots are there in world in vanilla version? I mean only cars that are driving in free roam. I want to try deleting added by Milli bots so I can check if bots spawn are reason of disappearing traffic. Also @Milli can you tell me if bots in TDU_bots.db file was added by you only after vanilla bots or they are random in this file? I mean: for example 100 first lines are bots from vanilla and 200 next lines are added by you? or they are mixed together?
  13. Okay, thanks for advices, I guess I will have to live with slow start accelereation, it will be too much to do for every car and I have no idea how to balance this acceleration.
  14. It seems like changing those ratios doesn't have that big impact, completely different ratio set changed 0-100 time only by 0.2s and my point was to make acceleration of some cars 0-100 much faster :/ for example I need to change Zenvo ST1 acceleration from 4.5s to 3s, without changing acceleration at higher speed, is there any way?
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