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  1. j_davidmf Alot of cars don't work because they don't have models so they won't show up :P and both the bmw's don't have models..
  2. Thank you very much it's alot better than half translated russian :)
  3. Basically I know that starGT made a few tutorials on how to make mods but they're in russian. I can sort of understand by the google translate but it's not gonna cut it. So i'm wondering if anyone could actually make a tutorial on how to make mods but in ENGLISH. Greetings, MrBiskuit
  4. Oops sorry for the late reaction I must've missed your reply but the car I really want to get is the Audi Quattro s1 but I have the feeling there is no model for that so it won't work anyway.
  5. Thanks loekie after snooping around this morning I did find TDU2 VPE great program but alot of cars that I put in the dealerships don't work is that because of missing models or something else?
  6. Hello, i'd like to introduce myself first. I'm MrBiskuit, I pretty damn young gamer and someone who is seeking help with TDU2. My friend and I have been searching for a few days for any way of swapping cars in your savegame by editing the hex code... we failed miserably. So after a while I thought to myself: "If the guys that made the unofficial patch were able to switch out/add cars in a dealership then surely with some time and effort I must be able to aswell." Oh how ignorant I am. So I turned to this lovely forum which has already helped me a little bit over the past few days with installing / uninstalling mods. So after this long ass story here's my question: Is it possible to hex edit the pc savegame so you can change your owned cars? If not is anyone willing to show me how to edit the dealerships so I can choose which cars go where. Greetings, MrBiskuit
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